100 years ago in Spokane: two infamous sisters apparently left town after their infringement trial

The infamous McDonald sisters, Fay and Marie, were nowhere to be found after their conviction for forgery.

The judicial authorities were convinced that Fay had “joined his sister in Mexico”. The prosecutor, however, admitted that he had “no idea where she is”. Neither do his relatives. Their uncle had given them advice, but he couldn’t shed any light on their fate either.

“Mr. McDonald did whatever he was going to do for them,” their aunt said. “He’s done with them and we haven’t known where Fay has been for some time.”

The prosecutor said the surety would have to pay Fay’s full amount, $ 2,000, if she did not show up when the state’s Supreme Court ruled on her appeal.

The two sisters were acquitted of the murder of WH McNutt in a sensational trial. Yet both were found guilty of forgery related to the same case, and both appealed against their prison sentences. Marie didn’t show up after the court dismissed her appeal, and now it looked like Fay wouldn’t show up for hers. Marie had lost her surety.

From the rhythm of the murder: Authorities were now investigating whether a soldier prison guard at Fort George Wright, Private Charles Castangnay, had been murdered by two soldiers fleeing the fort’s prison.

A few days earlier, the authorities had joked that the guard was “running away” with the two prisoners. But new evidence puts the incident in a more sinister light. The guard’s hat, cloak, belt and bayonet had been found on the banks of the Spokane River. This indicated a possible criminal act.

Authorities were also trying to uncover the identity of a “mystery woman” – the apparent girlfriend of one of the prisoners – who was seen near the bridge on the night of the escape. Police believed the woman might have left with the three men in her car – or maybe just the two prisoners.

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