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BHAKTAPUR, April 25: A total of 11 candidates have registered for the position of mayor in four municipalities in Bhaktapur. According to the Bhaktapur District Election Office, 11 candidates registered for the office of Bhaktapur District Mayor on the first day of registration of candidates for local elections.

On the first day of registration of candidates for local elections, 11 candidates in 4 communes of the district registered at the electoral office of the commune concerned. Of those who registered at the electoral office of Bhaktapur Municipality, three applied for the post of chief and one for the post of deputy chief, while eight applied for the post of ward chairman.

Four for chief, one for deputy chief, one for ward chairman and two for ward members have registered their names at Madhyapur Thimi Municipality Election Office. Similarly, two for chief, one for deputy chief and two for ward presidents registered in Changunarayan Municipality and two for chief and two ward presidents in Suryabinayak Municipality registered their candidacies, said Gopal Prasad Baskota, Chief Electoral Officer of Bhaktapur. According to him, 34 parties including 6 national parties and 28 other parties are registered at the district electoral office for the next local elections.

It is estimated that the number of candidates registering on the first day will be less while on the second day there will be crowds. He said staff had been mobilized since Monday morning to register candidates who had complied with the code of conduct. He said the office is ready to start the registration process in advance to avoid crowds. He insisted on the full implementation of the electoral code of conduct to peacefully organize this year’s local elections at low cost.

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