3 Guys Seeking 2 Partial Term Seats in Culpeper City Council Special Election

Tuesday’s general election in Culpeper includes a special election for city council to fill the one-year term remaining on two vacant seats. All townspeople can vote in the general race.

Three candidates, listed below in alphabetical order, will be on the ballot. They recently participated in a short Star-Exponent questionnaire. Here are their responses:

Professional experience: I have been a stay-at-home dad for four years. I quit my job as a bartender and winemaker at Old House Vineyards in 2018 to care for my daughter and will continue to stay home to care for our newborn baby who arrived November 4th.

Local government experience: nothing

Why are you seeking to be elected?

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I want to play an active role in my community and my town where I am raising a family. I grew up in Culpeper, it’s my home and I want to continue to make Culpeper a place where families can put down roots. We have been fortunate to have great leaders on our City Council who prioritize service to our city. I want to learn from them so that I can help continue the impressive trajectory of our city.

What are your top three issues for the town of Culpeper?

I want to support and foster a safe and healthy environment in which children can grow. This includes exploring more opportunities for the community to have fun and come together – for example, festivals celebrating our community’s achievements, cultural celebrations, skills development offerings and community activities. training events. Investing in our residents is the best way to build a strong community.

I want to continue to build a connection between the city and the county, especially when it comes to our schools and the school board. I want to explore new ways for the city to support our educators, including opportunities to make Culpeper an attractive and affordable place to live and hopefully stay. As a parent, I deeply understand the importance and impact of a strong school system on our community.

I am also invested in our city’s disaster preparedness. I want to make sure Culpeper is ready for anything. From the recent floods in Jackson, Mississippi, to Hurricane Ian, to wildfires across the West, we are continually reminded of how easily needed infrastructure and services can be disrupted or completely destroyed. Engaging in an honest discussion and assessment of our preparedness for extreme conditions is of the utmost importance if we are to secure the future of our city and protect our most vulnerable and at-risk communities.

Professional experienceBusiness Management, Pastor, Football Coach, Leadership Coach, Law Enforcement Chaplain, Culpeper City Council Member

Local government experience: appointed in December to the municipal council

Why are you seeking to be elected?

Since I currently serve on City Council, I would like the opportunity to continue serving in hopes of resolving some of the issues I have listed below. I have served our community in many other ways. It’s my way of giving back to our community.

What are your top three issues for the town of Culpeper?

Mental Health, Opioids and Fentanyl Crisis: Providing Support and Services to Our Families.

Public Safety: Providing support and services to our police department

Economic growth and controlling inflation

Professional experience: US Army Special Forces, Retired, Manager, Technical Support Center, Comdial Convergent Communications

Local government experience: Mayor, 2002-2010, City Council, 2014-2022

Why are you seeking to be elected?

I’m running because I learned in the military, the corporate world, and my early years as mayor, that people with knowledge and experience bring stability to an organization. I think I can be useful.

What are your top three issues for the town of Culpeper?

The City and the Council work daily on many files. It is an ongoing process. This effort does not reset after each election to accommodate a candidate’s ranting that the sky is falling. My main issues are irrelevant. I have always made it clear that I have no agenda. I believe that the needs of the City and its citizens should be the driving force behind Council’s actions. As long as we remain good stewards of our resources and revenues and meet the needs of citizens, Culpeper will continue to be a great little town.

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