A man is fed up with the municipality cutting off his electricity every month

A letter on Facebook to the local municipality of Emalahleni saw a man desperately searching for answers as the municipality continues Chopped off the electricity of his house,

Mr. Michael Clack says he is tired of running every month because his electricity goes out before the payment due date indicated on his electricity account.

“I have had enough now. Every month I pay my current account and arrange with lawyers on my outstanding amount. Yet you cut off my power. I have to run around and ask why and all I get is sorry it shouldn’t have happened,” Clack quipped.

This has been repeated for eight months.

What pushed Clack over the edge was when he wanted to turn on a light and alas, there was no electricity.

“This month, the municipality waited until September 8 to cut my electricity, last month, August 3. In July they cut off the electricity on the 26th, skipped June and cut off my electricity on May 4th and 7th. I can go back eight months,” Clack said.

The municipal electricity bills clearly indicate that the deposit must be paid before the 7th of each month.

But Clack feels the effects as his electricity goes out before the date each month.

Clack went to the municipality and was told that since Mr Johan Coetzee, who handled revenue collection for the municipality, received the boot, he had to make arrangements to pay his overdue account.

“I have to make new arrangements with them and then go to lawyers and cancel the arrangement there and pay the municipality directly,” Clack said.

According to the municipality, the account has an aging debt that translates to more than 60 days, and their cutoff begins at more than 60 days.

In a court battle, in Rademan v. Local Municipality of Moqhaka and Others (2013 (4) SA 225 (CC)), the Constitutional Court ruled that the municipality may, without a court order, terminate the supply electricity to a property where the owner is in default on his account for all levies collected on the property.

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