A resident furious at the poor maintenance of the edges

ASHLEY owner Bev Farrell has engaged in an endless battle with the Municipality of eThekwini to cut the overgrown edge next to her home.

Farrell, who has lived in Ashley for over 50 years, says that year after year this particular edge is neglected and when the town’s mowing contractors come in they do random work.

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“This overgrown edge has become a hotbed for many pests, including rats. I resorted to purchasing rodent repellents to prevent rats from entering my property, ”she said.

Farrell, at one point, hired a private trimmer to cut grass and overgrown trees. This is something the retiree said she was unable to continue doing as it was an expensive task.

After the Road mail was advised of the problematic shoulder, the Municipality of eThekwini was contacted and promised that the contractors would ensure that the shoulder is cut and clear.

“The City has tasked the cooperative responsible for mowing the grass in the area to mow the lawn. They should cut off the residents’ route at Ashley. We apologize for the delay, ”said eThekwini municipality spokesperson Msawakhe Mayisela.

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According to Mayisela, the mowing season starts in September / October and lasts until July. “The City undertakes eight cuts per year, over a 6-week cutting cycle. The new three-year contract for mowing the grass started this year in October, ”said Mayisela.

Farrell said that while the town did cut the edge, it noted the work was “unprofessional.”

“Less than half of the border has been cut and none of the cut grass has been cleared,” she said.

The Municipality of eThekwini did not explain why the edge had not been completely cut off at the time of printing.

Farrell called on the municipality to prioritize cleaning and maintaining the shoulder and those around it.

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