AHSEF donates $ 20,000 to Aviation High School


(L.-R.) Steven Jackson, Principal, Aviation High School; Nelson Camacho, General Counsel, AHSEF; Steve Mikhlin, President, AHSEF; Anthony D’Erasmo, Treasurer, AHSEF; Mario Cotumaccio, Assistant Principal, Aviation High School.

The Aviation High School Education Foundation has donated $ 20,000 to the Aviation High School, which will be distributed to graduates in the form of scholarships and (the coveted) Aviation Tool Box Awards. We would like to thank everyone who helped make this possible, including the Ray Foundation, the JFK Airport Rotary Club and Metropolitan Airport News.

The Board of Directors of the Aviation High School Education Foundation (AHSEF) worked with the leadership of Aviation High School – Steven Jackson, principal and Dr. Michael Koumoullos, deputy principal of school personnel, to determine how to allocate the contribution money in order to maximize the benefits for the school.

There is an increased need to train qualified and certified maintenance personnel, and Aviation High School wants to be responsive in producing aviation maintenance and repair graduates who are ready to work. The latest Boeing Pilot and Technician Outlook predicts that 769,000 new maintenance technicians will be needed to pilot and maintain global fleets over the next 20 years. The forecast includes the commercial aviation, business aviation and civilian helicopter industries, and is up from last year’s forecast of 754,000.

There is a huge need for resources in the school, so a lot of thought and discussion has gone into the distribution formula. Ultimately, it was agreed that the funds should be split evenly between college scholarships and Tool Box Awards. The foundation felt it would help students entering college directly, as well as those entering the fifth-year program to earn both licenses.

The school hopes that donations from our current sources will serve as a facilitator to broaden their contributor base. The goal is to increase the student population to meet industry demand, as well as to increase the supply of courses and programs.

For more information on the foundation, visit www.aviationhsef.org


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