Around town – October 20

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Orchids in …

the three women who helped me up after I fell in the Columbus Center parking lot on Monday.

Captain D’s for his excellent fish and friendly service.

the guys at My Mobility in Columbus for the excellent walk-in shower setup, and a special thanks to Josh for the attention to detail, January 1st.

Ben Jackson for helping me after my fall from a very grateful neighbor.

Michelle Matters and beautiful baby Katie, it was so good to see you, I love Grandma Karen.

Onions …

the TIF being inflicted on us for another stupid sports facility, fix the roads!

lacking the courage to admit that there was only one national political party responsible for the debacle of the withdrawal from Afghanistan.

lying war criminals.

the horribly loud silent person who drives and destroys peaceful evenings!

people go through a drive-thru with large orders when the restaurant is open inside.

not realizing that it is not “Marxist” to ban a mandate but rather “Marxist” to mandate an entire population.

people who don’t realize Twitter isn’t a real place.

the former elected federal official filed a complaint against the investigation to keep his actions secret during the insurgency.

not realizing while health reasons may reduce protection against COVID-19, the same is true of not being vaccinated.

the administration that wants to force us to put drugs in our bodies and wants to see what we spend our money on; it is not freedom.

this elected federal who stopped working for the United States

politicians and bureaucrats who have never held a job outside of Washington DC but feel qualified to preach to normal people.

our current administration for the worst inflation we’ve seen in 20 years.

the former leader for his odious reactions to a fascist mob that invades the Capitol, brutalizing the police and engaging in sedition.

the driver with the excessively noisy vehicle.

a head of state intimidating small family entrepreneurs to do what they think is best by demanding vaccines.

Happy birthday to…

Mike Gonsalves, your family and your purchasing colleagues.

Sondra Campbell of the Retirees Lunch Group.

Terri Worthington of Cummins Tax and Donna.

Sophie Jaggers, from Papa.

Virginia Finley, of Joseph Hart’s DAR Chapter.

Happy late birthday to …

Steven Garrison, from Michael.

ANOTHER beautiful morning

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