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WINCHESTER – With the date for the return of nomination papers closed, City Clerk MaryEllen Lannon is set to finalize the ballot for the spring municipal elections on Saturday March 19. Residents still have until February 16 to withdraw their names from the ballot.

As of now, there appear to be four contested races on the ballot: Select Board, the three-year Board of Health seat, the one-year Board of Health seat, and the School Committee. A possible fifth contested race, for the three-year seat on the Planning Council, could arise, although it is unclear whether any of the candidates have turned in their papers in time.

For the Select Board, four newcomers will compete for two open seats: Jim Johnson, John Fallon, Anthea Brady and Vince Dixon. Although Jim Johnson is a new nominee this year, he has already served on the board for many years.

For the two Board of Health seats, four residents will compete for two open seats: Ruth Trimarchi and Jennifer Infurna will battle for the three-year seat and Gregory Sawicki and Lauren Costello will battle for the one-year seat.

For the school committee, four residents will compete for two open seats: incumbents Chris Nixon and Karen Bolognese and newcomers John Dobbins and Sarah Gannon. A fifth candidate, Allison Kangas of Bellalta, withdrew.

Other races include City Moderator Heather von Mering running unopposed, Patrick Gill running unopposed for a seat on the Board of Assessors, Kurt Spring running unopposed for one of two one year on the planning board (potential nominee Cheryl Wolfe has stepped down) and David Coughlin and Wendy Karle are running unopposed for two vacant seats on the library board (potential nominee Erin Dagenais has stepped down ).

And, due to the withdrawal of Mary Lou Bigelow, no one is showing up for the open seat at the Housing Authority.

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The following residents returned nomination papers for the available seats in the municipal assembly:

Constituency 1 (eight seats for a three-year term):

Prassede Calabi, Cecilia Carrior-Carmona, Denis Collet, Peter D’Antonio, Tara Hughes, Enzo Rascionato, Deborah Jones Melkonian, Kathleen Duncan, Patrick Gill, Anthea Brady, Timothy Matthews and Eric Shediac

Constituency 2 (eight seats for a three-year term):

Catherine Curtis, Jeffrey Dean, Kristine Kamikawa, Edward Levesque, Jian Liu, Colin White, Stephanie Zaremba, Daniel Nakamoto, Robert Pace and Marth Hoyt

Constituency 2 (one seat for a one-year term)

Jinghui Dong and Michelle Blumsack

Constituency 3 (eight seats for a three-year term):

Samantha Allison, Janet Boswell, Alexander Dimatteo III, Ruthie Gagne, John Kilborn, Theodore Michalski, Susan Nardone, Benajim Schuler, Allison Kangas de Bellalta, Nickoleta Sakorafos, William McGonigle, Vince Dixon and Jared Jackson

Constituency 4 (eight seats for a three-year term):

Aimee Burke, James Ferguson, Aileen Kounaves, Roger Marian, Michelle Prior, Robin Wolf, Predny Miroslav, Eric Dimare, Sean Donlon, Gerald Marino, Shannon Vernaglia, Ole-Petter Hamnvik, Horacio Facca and Joseph Zampitella

Constituency 4 (one seat for a one-year term):

Steven Bonnell, Christopher Furlong and Susan Fagerström

Constituency 4 (one seat for a two-year term):

Kathryn Valone and Paul Karle

Constituency 5 (eight seats for a three-year term):

Roseanne Coric, Pamela Cort, Robert Kuszewski, William Miller, Colin Simson, Wendy Swanton, William Band, Kathleen Krikorian, Kathryn Hughes, I Ching Katie Scott, John Dobbins, Helen Philliou, Susan DeLeo, Philip Reuland, Maureen Pimentel and Ronald Buck

Constituency 6 (eight seats for a three-year term):

Emanuel D’ambrosio Jr., Wei Han, Jack LeManager, Karen Bolognese, John Miller, Karren Nys, Kenneth Pruitt, Dorothy Simboli, Patrick Matteson, Richard Michienzi, Anthony Cucinatti, Audrey Siciliano and Taylor Tinmouth

Constituency 7 (eight seats for a three-year term):

Linda Baba, Paul Casey, Sally Dale, Cynthia Kelley, Michelle McCarthy, Donnette Peltier, Amy Wrenn, William McPadden, Ben Albiani, Steven Cucinatti, Megan Blackwell, Nancy Jones and Bradford Otis

Constituency 8 (eight seats for a three-year term):

Nicholas Bogovich, Edward Bopp, Katrina Frongillo, Diab Jerius, Roger Michelson, Stacey Princi, Emily Shield, Steven Singer, Nicholas Koup, Stephen McCabe, Julie Fish, Gregory Winn, Dora Macleod, Michael Creane and Bryan Kana.

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