Bodo Municipality Human Resources Department posted defamatory comments against Burkard after Facebook settlement


Last week, NRK wrote about former HSE advisor Elizabeth Aun Purchard.

She believes Bode warned her about the critical conditions in the municipality and says the municipality responded by punishing her.

The two parties met in court and ultimately agreed to settle Burkert with 500,000 crowns.

But the next day, when the parties shook hands and agreed to put the case behind them, something else happened.

In the town of Bode, four employees of the human resources department got together in a festive group and joined a public Facebook group.

Facebook screenshot - Whistleblower case

Comments: Burkert’s former colleagues wrote this on the public Facebook group.

Photo: Screenshot

Here they engaged in a discussion about the solution and wrote derogatory comments about the buyer.

Burkert himself says it’s sad.

– I have to rise above that, it’s a bit ridiculous, you ask me. I think the case is over when I take the adviser by the hand. Here are people who don’t like anything.

Elizabeth aun purchard

ABSURD: Elizabeth Aun Purchard considers it absurd to write defamatory comments the day after former colleagues left the Whistleblower case.

Photo: Slope Johansson / NRK

Bode Nu first mentioned the case.

The notice made the case

On Wednesday afternoon, the municipality of Bodø confirmed in a statement that it had opened a formal notice.

It comes after the Red Party sent the city manager an investigation into the social media debate.

– I immediately asked Ernst & Young, which receives the notification cases for the Municipality of Bodø, to assess whether this should be considered as an opinion. “We are convinced today that this is a warning,” said Kejel Haqwick, director of the municipality.

He adds that the case is being implemented in accordance with the notification procedures adopted by the municipality.

Haqwick has been in contact with four employees who discussed the matter on social media.

– They are very sorry to have participated in the current exchange on Facebook. It shouldn’t have happened, they are so sorry for what happened. They never wanted to speak on behalf of the Human Resources Office and Boda Municipality in this exchange.

Bad promise for future whistleblowers

BI professor Stig Berge Matthiesen believes that the case is not good for future whistleblowers in the Municipality of Bodø.

If whistleblowers are harassed and provoked on social sites, the whistleblower rate will drop drastically. The municipality risks losing an important communication channel, says Mathisen.

Berg Mathissen stick

Bad promises: Professor Stick Berg Matheson, PI, thinks it’s bad for the municipality.

Photo: Torbjørn Brovold / BI

Former councilor Rolf Corey Jensen just took Purchard by the hand in the courtroom and said the case should now be placed behind them.

New city councilor Kejel Hookwick, the city manager, said the exchange of views with the NRK was done in private before breaking the news to the NRK.

They participated in the exchange as individuals and did not speak on behalf of the municipality of Bode, he said.

Huckwick thinks they have a chance, according to Bode Municipality bylaws.

He declined to comment further on the matter.

– I asked that this matter be dealt with as soon as possible. It would not be appropriate to comment further on this matter until a ruling is received from Ernst & Young. At the same time, I would like to underline my previous statements that what has emerged from the current exchange of views does not reflect the view of the Municipality of Boda on this matter.

Kezel Hookwick

Individuals: City Manager Kezel Hookwick says the trade was made as individuals.

Photo: Joseph Benoni Ness Tweet / NRK

However, PI Professor Stick Berg Mathewson disagreed.

He says that once things are posted on Facebook, they should be treated as a public statement and then be careful before interpreting them as retaliation for a whistleblower case.

I hope the municipality learns

The Red Party sent a letter to the city manager, but city council representative Cinne Bijerbach did not comment on the matter.

Espen Rocken, meanwhile, sits on the Conservative Party’s city council and chairs the oversight committee. He thinks the HR staff behaved very wisely.

My immediate reaction was that I was really disappointed, says Rogan.

Espen rocken

Steadfast: Espen Rockan, who sits on the Conservative Party’s city council, thinks comments in the public forum are unfortunate.

Photo: KÃ¥re Riibe Ramskjell / NRK

He underlines that the municipal council is unanimously interested in creating a culture in the municipality of Bode.

I am afraid that such a case may give the impression that the attitudes of the municipality of Boda are in line with some of the signals of the private forum.

Post the snippet of the Facebook feed screenshot, warning case

Criminal: Some voices on the public Facebook group criticized the comments from former Purchard colleagues.

Photo: Facebook screenshot

Bode shows such bad attitudes when someone works in personnel management in the municipality; What does it say?

– I would like to stress that I do not think this is an expression of the attitude of the municipality of Bode. But it is very unfortunate for those who are working to overcome some of the most difficult problems in this area, so it is disappointing.

Rogan does not want to call the Facebook comments illegal, but believes the municipality should learn from the case on how business will be handled in the future.


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