Bomb attack on the house of the president of the municipality of Dhenkanal

Unidentified disbelievers dropped brute bombs on the residence of Jayanti Patra, the newly elected chairman of Dhenkanal Municipality late at night.

This is the second time that disbelievers have targeted the house of the elected leader of the BJP. On March 30, Jayanti alleged that shots were fired outside his house and that death threats were made against him. She then accused the workers of the ruling BJD of having fired blanks and threatening her with death.

“We were sleeping when disbelievers threw bombs at the main door of my house. From CCTV, we found that the incident happened around 1:40 a.m. We suspect the involvement of our political rivals behind the attack,” Jayanti said.

Jayanti further urged Odisha Police officials to ensure the safety of his family. Jayanti’s husband, Ram Patra, said: “Senior police officers attended the scene and recovered some remains of the bomb. The gate and some vehicles were partly damaged by the shelling.

“There have been shootings and now shelling, such incidents are meant to terrorize us. Our rivals resort to such tactics because they fear their corruption will be exposed, but we are not afraid of such incidents.” , he added.

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