Boys Town foster parents have cared for over 200 boys

OMAHA, Neb. (KMTV) – Foster parents Kevin and Constance Reid have spent the past 23 years welcoming over 200 boys through Boys Town Foster Family Services.

“I want to put them in situations that they haven’t been in. I want to put them in a stable home. I want to maybe be the father they never had. I want to be a parent to them. , we want to be parents, ”Kevin said.

Both say it’s their calling.

“Most of the time you love it because you can see the difference you’re making in the lives of a lot of these kids,” Kevin said.

The Reids faced trials and tribulations, helping the boys through the turmoil.

“We’ve had six rival gang members in our house at one point,” Kevin said.

But in place of the turmoil, the Reids created a stronghold, a place of safety, and a gentler place to land.

“I had to make them understand that they were in my house, not in their neighborhood, but boys – no matter how tough they seem or whatever – they are looking for a way out,” Kevin said.

“Those six rival gang members, they got along really well. They would get up with me, they would cook with me, they would clean the house with me. We would move into … our house where they would have a chance to win. money doing chores, ”Constance said.

Under the guidance and watchful eye of the Reids, some of their boys turned into successes.

“We had a boy that came to our house, he had problems, he had low self-esteem and everything. He wasn’t the best student in school, etc., but today ‘ hui this young man is a Navy SEAL, “said Kevin.

In all of their years and experiences, the two take inspiration from the Christmas season and remember why they do it.

“It’s about what’s in your heart, and that’s what we try to teach,” Kevin said.

“And that’s love,” Constance said.

Boys Town Foster Family Services is looking for a wide range of foster parents to help serve the children.

Those interested in the onboarding process can call 531-355-3036 for more information.

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