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Any creation of a lot, plot or plot; the assembly of lots, parcels or parcels, or the adjustment of a lot, parcel or parcel line in the city of Scottsdale shall be processed and recorded by the city in accordance with Chapter 48 of the Ordinance Code the city.

The city plating process will be used for modification or creation of parcel boundaries, as explained in more detail in Chapter 3 of the City Design Standards and Policy Manual.


Depending on the extent of construction proposed within a parcel boundary, the right to use another’s land for designated purposes, or to restrict its use, by registering an easement may be required. If municipal staff determine that new easements or modifications to an existing easement are required, their registration will be a prerequisite for issuance of the permit.

The modifications or creation of easements must be processed and recorded by the city.

Registration request

Have you just started or are you unsure of what will be required of your proposed project? Setting up a pre-bid meeting with the city is the first step. You can expect to receive submission checklists for the proposed work discussed in the pre-requisition meeting, including flat or easement submission checklists where applicable.

If you already know what will be required of your project, submit a registration request. We will review the application and send you the appropriate submission requirements and checklist.

Registration FAQs

Submit both the submission checklist and required documents using the Digital plan submission application. This submission will become its own plan review plan verification number, even if it is submitted along with a house plan or other type of development plan verification submission for authorization (although submitting each separately ).

First, an administrative review will take place. Submitted documents will be verified against the submission checklist completed by staff. If everything has been submitted correctly, a full administrative email will be sent to the designated point of contact with a link for the payment of the plan review fee. Plan reviews will be assigned once payment is received. If, however, the submission does not comply with the Submission Checklist, an administratively incomplete email will be sent and a resubmission of the missing or corrected documents will need to be made until the submission can be administratively judged. complete.

The different disciplines assigned to the exam and their exam status can be monitored using the Plan review statusapplication. A Corrections Status may cause a Corrections file to be uploaded to the Plan Verification Internet File Interchange folder, which can be found using the Digital plan submission application. If no correction file has been uploaded but a status of corrections has been made, a resubmission checklist will be posted to the Plan Verification Internet File Interchange folder at the end of all exams that will have other instructions not processed by a correction file.

Once all review disciplines have determined that a submission is technically correct, execution instructions will be provided via the Resubmission Checklist with the document (s) to be executed. However, the execution will generally be as follows: the grantor and all grantees will provide notarized signatures and then submit them to the one-stop-shop, along with a re-submission checklist, for a cycle of review, execution and registration of the signature of the city.

STOP. All documents are registered by the city.

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