City of Toledo | Mayor Kapszukiewicz publishes Toledo’s recovery plan …

Mayor Wade Kapszukiewicz today released his plan for how the city of Toledo should invest the $ 180.9 million it received from the US bailout passed by Congress in February. Called the Toledo Recovery Plan, the proposal makes historic investments in public safety, neighborhoods, scourge eradication, housing, improved infrastructure, job creation and youth programs.

“Every Toledoan in every neighborhood in our city will benefit from this plan,” said Mayor Kapszukiewicz. “This is a unique opportunity to make investments that will improve Toledo for generations to come. “

The mayor pointed out that the plan was constructed by gathering public comment at a series of neighborhood meetings and from opinion polls. Each of the proposals was aligned with the public support expressed by the people of Toledo over the course of several months.

“We listened to the people of Toledo and this plan was built on the basis of what we heard,” said Mayor Kapszukiewicz. “Public meetings and surveys determined which programs and projects we decided to fund. “

The full plan is available at Some highlights include:

  • Almost 100 additional police officers, bringing the Toledo police force to its highest level in 20 years;
  • $ 40.5 million for youth programs, summer jobs and other youth initiatives;
  • Replacement of each private lead service line in the city of Toledo;
  • Construction of a brand new YMCA in the city center;
  • Construction of 500 housing units;
  • Demolition of hundreds of commercial and residential buildings;
  • Millions to fight the scourge, repair sidewalks, improve parks, plant trees and create jobs.
    The first half of the funds were received by the city of Toledo in May of this year. The second half is expected in May 2022. In June of this year, Mayor Kapszukiewicz launched a series of community meetings and conversations to better understand and identify the needs of the community. A survey was also launched to collect comments. As a result of this request for information, clear community priorities emerged.

The priorities were:

  • Safe and livable neighborhoods
  • Youth, recreation and parks
  • Job creation and economic impact
  • Avoid cuts in city services
  • Green and healthy housing

In addition, federal legislation has spending requirements on how, where and for whom allocated dollars can be invested. Very generally, these are:

  • Loss of municipal revenue
  • Water, sewer and broadband infrastructure
  • Salary bonus
  • Respond to the public health emergency and its economic impacts

More information on the US bailout can be found at

The main areas of spending under the Toledo recovery plan are:

  • $ 80.9 million: avoid cuts in municipal services / growing size of security forces
  • $ 40.5 million: investment in recreation and parks for youth
  • $ 24 million: green and healthy housing
  • $ 19.3 million: safe and livable neighborhoods
  • $ 15.2 million: job creation and economic development
  • $ 1 million: program administration

The proposal now goes to Toledo City Council, which will first consider the ordinance at its October 26 meeting.


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