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The Jamestown Public School District has a new safety plan for the 2021-2022 school year.

The board approved the plan at Tuesday night’s meeting. Brad Meyers, school safety adviser, said the plan is like a “Umbrella stretching over building level security plans which are confidential plans.” He said the plan “Links all building level security plans together”.

“We really did not have any real details to settle to tighten up” he said. “It was a pretty good plan. We just had… a few minor changes to make.”

Meyers said building-level plans include things like evacuation plans, shelter-in-place plans, lockdown plans and other similar areas. The plans include specific instructions that relate to each situation, which is why the confidentiality of these plans is imperative, he said.

“Then the district level plan sort of gives direction on how those plans are going to be implemented and actually created.” he said. “The meat and potatoes for the plan were already in place. This is something we have to make adjustments to – the state often wants you to add things like mental health components or something like that. When we add these pieces, we then bring the plan forward. The nuts and bolts were there, we just had to add more. “

In other news, the board also voted to continue participating in the small town schools trial. The resolution said the district will ask the plaintiffs in the case through “Payment of litigation fees set by the Litigation Steering Committee of the New York State Association of Small Town School Districts (NYSASCSD) in the amount of $ 10,000.”

The lawsuit was filed by 80 parents and students from eight small town school districts in 2008 and argues that the state did not fund the 2007 Foundation Assistance Formula, which was designed and intended to provide the districts state, including the eight small town districts, the funding required to provide essential resources and improve outcomes for all students. The Foundation Aid Formula was created after the successful trial of the Campaign for Tax Fairness in New York. The eight small city districts affected are Jamestown, Poughkeepsie, Port Jervis, Utica, Niagara Falls, Mount Vernon, Kingston and Newburgh.

Regarding Jamestown, the Court of Appeal recently ruled that budget constraints did not allow Jamestown to hire enough social workers, recommending a student to social worker ratio for 250 students for teaching students. general and one social worker for 50 children with higher needs. . When the small towns case was on trial, Jamestown had no employed social workers after cutting 80 teaching positions in the years leading up to the 2010-11 school year.

Superintendent Kevin Whitaker said the district, along with the other complainants, are “Pending any action that lawmakers have decided they are going to take.” “ He said that at present they cannot predict what that decision will be.

Board member Nina Karbacka and former NYSASCSD chairperson said the state had not appealed the recent decision and that since the change of governor, the state has once again let the government go. opportunity to appeal the decision.

“I don’t think there will be anything that follows this, and we should hopefully get more money. “ Karbacka said. “Now the question is how do they solve this, that we don’t have enough money.”

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