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PLATSBURGH – The city of Plattsburgh’s interim budget is up nearly $ 800,000 from the current fiscal year, but is well below the state’s tax cap.

“Last year we took a much more conservative cut due to the vast unknowns of COVID-19,” supervisor Michael Cashman told the Press-Republican. “This year’s budget (2022) reflects more of what a 2019 and earlier budget would want.

“It’s just more on par with this structure from previous budgets.”


The proposed budget of $ 15.12 million is up $ 784,199 from 2021.

It includes a 0.06% increase in the tax levy, bringing that figure to $ 4.18 million.

The city‘s road fund, the water and sewer service, the basic stormwater district, as well as its consolidated districts – ambulance, lighting, sewage and water – are all included in the levy.

The tax levy could have increased by more than 6.4%, or about $ 270,000, and stayed below the cap, the supervisor said.

“We continue to take a really prudent spending approach to ensure our financial health,” added Cashman. “We are still living with the global pandemic, so we need to be aware of this additional overlap as we move forward into 2022.”


The city plans to split its estimated $ 3.97 million share of Clinton County sales tax revenue to reduce its general and highway funds. Of this amount, the general fund will receive $ 2.81 million, or $ 663,000 more than last year.

Appropriations from the city’s general fund will increase from $ 3.96 million to $ 4.49 million. There will be no tax levy on the general fund.

The appropriations allocated to the other funds and districts of the city in the 2022 draft budget have increased overall as follows:

• Road Fund: up to $ 220,000 to $ 2.69 million with a tax levy of $ 1.06 million and a tax rate of $ 0.86 per $ 1,000 of assessed value

• Lighting District: increase from $ 14,393 to $ 221,113 with a tax on public lighting of $ 201,009

• Ambulance District: increase from $ 8,145 to $ 497,145 with an ambulance fee of $ 459,320

• Water District: Up from $ 80,000 to $ 2.74 million with lower tax levies (due to favorable borrowing rates for capital improvements, increased user fees and increased user fees. increase in assessed value) from $ 1.21 to $ 1.18 per $ 1,000 of assessed value

• Sewer District: increase from $ 100,000 to $ 1.75 million with a decrease in the tax rate (due to an increase in the assessed value) from $ 0.52 to $ 0.50 per 1,000 $ of assessed value


The provisional budget includes certain salary adjustments for the year 2022, including an increase from $ 79,615 to $ 83,596 for the superintendent of highways.

The salaries of the two city judges would drop from $ 38,336 to $ 40,253 and $ 39,294, respectively, and the city clerk would earn $ 33,615, up from $ 32,795.

The collector of taxes and contributions would earn $ 35,124 instead of $ 33,541.

The salaries of the supervisor and city councilors remain unchanged at $ 73,000 and $ 13,000, respectively.


Residents can attend a budget hearing on Thursday, November 5 at 6:05 p.m. at City Hall on Banker Road.

“I remind the community that we’ve always taken a very conservative approach,” Supervisor Cashman said. “I am proud of the budget that we developed in partnership with our department heads and that, in doing so, we stayed below the tax ceiling.

“We are working very hard to be good stewards of taxpayer dollars.”

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