Community frustrated with the entry of a corporate store chain in a small town in Delta County

PERKINS, Mich. (WLUC) – Another small town UP is frustrated that a corporate retail chain has entered its community, potentially pushing small businesses out.

“It’s a town of about 160 people,” said community member Andrea Nummilien. “I don’t see how it’s sustainable.

Nummilien, who is from Perkins, said that Dollar General store would only hurt the business of the two local stores, Perkins Store and Joe’s One Stop, which are about 6 miles from Rock.

“We can’t really blame them, but at the same time, the cost eventually could be even higher if we were to lose either of these stores,” Nummilien said.

The dollar store was supposed to be built on the M-35 from the current location. To do this, the property would have to be rezoned from residential to commercial. So the owners of Joe’s One Stop, Joe and Erica Skellenger, have started a petition.

“Asking what they thought of Dollar General’s move to Perkins and over 500 signatures said we didn’t want this store here,” Skellenger said.

After the Delta County Board of Commissioners voted not to rezone the land, Dollar General found a property that was already commercial.

The retailer opened on September 25, right next to the Perkins store. Owner Pam Treganowan tries to stay positive.

“I pray and hope this doesn’t affect us,” Treganowan said. “I know it will be the case in some areas. I can’t control it. I can’t even buy the stuff for less than what they’re selling it for.

Treganowan has owned the Perkins store for almost 14 years. Between its gas station, its delicatessen and its novelties, it hopes to face the competition.

“We try to do other things that no one else does and try to keep ourselves alive,” Treganowan said.

Not only are these stores in the community, but they are engraved in the community by the way they give back.

“Since being here, we have given over $ 100,000 to the community through our internal gift certificates,” said Joe Skellenger.

“The owner of the store at the time,” Nummilien said. “She has done so many random acts of kindness for the community and I’m willing to bet any money the owners do the same today. I don’t necessarily think you’re going to find this with a chain store like Dollar General.

Dollar General spokeswoman Crystal Luce said the channel’s mission was to “serve others.”

“We view each new Dollar General as a positive economic impact on the communities we serve,” said Luce.

One of the ways that Dollar General promotes economic development is through literacy grants.

“We have provided over $ 200 million to organizations in the communities we serve to help literacy programs for youth, summer, families and adults,” said Luce.

Now, with their livelihoods on the line, these two local store owners say they just want to survive after years of hard work and dedication.

“I have nothing else for retirement,” Treganowan said. “So I have to make sure I can sell this. “

“That’s all we’ve worked for 12 years,” said Joe Skellenger. “We have invested heavily in this community. ”

Skellenger and Treganowan said they know they can’t compete with Dollar General’s pricing, but still need the support of the community they have personally invested in for over a decade.

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