Confirmation of the inauguration of the first metropolitan train in Bolivia | New

“President Luis Arce, the Ministry of Public Works, Services and Housing and the Technical Unit of Railways invite you to be part of the inauguration of the historic mega construction site of the Metropolitan Train”, reads the message published on this social network.

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According to the UTF, the head of state will deliver the “mega job” in a special ceremony at San Antonio Central Station, located on 6 de Agosto Avenue, corner Barrientos, at 10:30 a.m. local time.

With this inauguration, the source indicated that Cochabamba will become the first department in the Altiplano country to have a modern, safe, efficient, inclusive and environmentally friendly rail transport system, offering quality service to users. .

The project will benefit the municipalities of Sacaba, Cercado, Quillacollo, Colcapirhua, Vinto and Sipe Sipe, we learned.

With a capacity of 376 passengers (66 seats), the train will be equipped with surveillance cameras, interior radiotelephones, information screens at the stops, air conditioning, heating and Wi-Fi connection.

At the beginning of August this year, the Minister of Public Works, Edgar Montaño, informed us that the national government would inaugurate this month the red and green lines as a gift to the anniversary of the independence of Cochabamba ( September 14).

The red line integrates the San Antonio and Agronomía stations over a 5.5 kilometer route, while the green line connects the San Antonio and Suticollo stations over a 27 kilometer route.

This work began on August 16, 2017 and should have been completed in 2020. However, the de facto administration of Jeanine Áñez paralyzed its construction in February of the same year under the pretext of “a general audit”.

After the rescue of democracy with the electoral triumph of Arce, the president ordered the resumption of disbursements, with the first injection of 185 million bolivianos (about 26 million dollars) allocated to the payment of salary arrears.

However, the metropolitan train consists of the construction of the above two lines and the Amarilla line.

Regarding the latter, UTF General Coordinator Augusto Chassagnez expressed hope in June that the Autonomous Municipal Government of Cochabamba would grant use of the land for the processing of the environmental license and the start of construction.

The day before, Arce had assured in a tweet that using Supreme Decree 4792, the Cabinet of Ministers had created the Metropolitan Railway Operator of Cochabamba.

This investment costs more than three thousand 112 million bolivianos (nearly 445 million dollars).

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