DiGiacinto is a vote for North White Plains – and the unity of the city

As a resident of North White Plains, I will be voting for Barbara DiGiacinto for the North Castle Town Board of Directors.

Barbara is the essential administrator of the hamlet. Whenever I have a problem, question, or suggestion, I have been able to go to Barbara’s and get advice, help, and action. I don’t have to wait long. Barbara is quick. She genuinely cares about the residents of North White Plains.

Barbara kept her 2013 campaign promise to establish monthly rallies so that residents of North White Plains can be heard and hear updates in our own territory. She not only encouraged the participation of other City Council members, but invited and secured the participation of other elected officials such as County Executive George Latimer, Senator Shelley Mayer and Assembly Member Chris Burdick. . North White Plains never had meetings with this kind of attendance until Barbara initiated them eight years ago. Thanks to Barbara, we have the attention of a wide range of elected officials.

By keeping her campaign promise, Barbara strengthened the bonds between North White Plains and the rest of North Castle. As a third generation resident of North White Plains, I can’t recall a time when we had such a positive interaction with a member of city council who was not a resident of the hamlet. I always felt like we were an underrated son-in-law of the city. It seemed like Armonk was everything and North White Plains was nothing – down the road and forgotten. I don’t feel like that anymore. Much of this is thanks to Barbara and her hard work on our behalf.

I have been working with Barbara since my involvement in the Nethermont Avenue Path vote in 2018. At that point, I started attending Barbara’s meetings. I felt she was open and invested in the concerns of North White Plains.

On many occasions Barbara has also been proactive in addressing our concerns. When she learned of a proposed Connecticut toll on I-684, she immediately became concerned about the impact it could have on traffic and the quality of life in North White Plains.

Another issue that prompted Barbara to act was a bill proposed by State Senator Peter Harckham. Since Barbara already had a relationship with Mayer and Burdick, she was able to alert them to the negative effects the bill could have on North White Plains. Since Mayer and Burdick were already attending our monthly meetings, they had a sense of their constituents. We were not strangers. We were faces on Zoom!

The repair and cleanup of the municipal trail connecting Nethermont Avenue to Route 22 was an example of Barbara’s effectiveness. During COVID and wearing a mask, Barbara went downstairs and met residents Ed and Terri Lobermann, Michèle Falot and me. We walked the path while Barbara took pictures and took notes. A week later it was cleaned up. (Thanks also to Matt Trainor and his team!)

Frankly, I don’t know if we’ll ever have another member of council working so hard to help North White Plains and the rest of North Castle. On Election Day, please keep in mind all the great work that Barbara DiGiacinto has done for our community. She is the candidate with the strongest record.

Please vote for Barbara. Thank you.

Nora Kanze Manuele

Northern White Plains

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