Dutch municipality disgusted with young people protesting corona measures in Nazi uniforms

The muniThe municipality of Urk, in the Netherlands, expressed its disgust at the images showing a dozen young people marching in the city in Nazi uniforms last Saturday to protest against the COVID-19 measures, NLTimes reported, writes Yossi Lempkowicz.

Photos online show one wearing prisoner’s stripes and a Star of David, while the others point at him with fake guns.

“This behavior is not only highly reprehensible and extremely inappropriate, but also hurtful to large groups of the population. With this insipid action, a line has very clearly been crossed with regard to the municipality of Urk, ”the municipality said in a statement.


“We understand that these young people want to make their voices heard on the impact of current and upcoming measures against coronaviruses,” said city mayor Cees van den Bos, adding that “this discussion is not just taking place in Urk, but throughout our country. ”

He continued, “However, we don’t understand the way they do it. Not only the municipality of Urk, but the whole community completely disapproves of this way of protesting.

The prosecution said it was investigating whether a criminal offense had been committed.


Rabbi Menachem Margolin, president of the European Jewish Association (EJA), a group that represents hundreds of communities across the continent, said the incident “underlines the enormous work that remains to be done in the field. education “.

The actions of young people in Urk, who are part of a growing trend to compare Covid restrictions and push back vaccination that seeks to draw parallels between the government’s attempts to stem the virus and Nazi treatment of Jews, shows the enormous work that remains to be done in the educational offer on what really happened during the Holocaust, ”he said.

“No matter how high the feelings are, the Jewish experience of the Holocaust can never be used to draw a comparison, just because nothing compares to it in Europe,” Margolin added.

According to the Hart van Nederland news site, the young people apologized on Monday. In a letter they wrote. “It was absolutely not our intention to wake up memories of WWII.” However, they did not specify what their intention was. “We want to stress that we are absolutely not anti-Semites or against Jews, nor support the German regime. Our sincere apologies, ”they wrote.

This is not the first incident around the coronavirus in Urk. In January, a The village’s GGD test center was set on fire. In March, journalists were attacked by worshipers who continued to attend church despite the coronavirus measures.

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