Elassona in Greece will build municipal photovoltaic power plants of 5 MW in total

The municipality of Elassona is looking for a contractor for the installation of five solar power plants of 1 MW each. He expects them to reduce electricity costs for the local water and sewerage company by 90%.

The largest market to date for solar power plants has been launched on Greece’s National Electronic Public Procurement System (NEPPS). The municipality of Elassona has the ambition to make significant savings on the electricity bill of its infrastructure. It is one of the largest municipalities in the country, with around sixty towns and villages. It is located near Larissa in Thessaly,

Elassona is looking for a contractor for the supply, installation and commissioning of five photovoltaic units with a peak capacity of 1 MW each. It allocated 3.44 million euros to the project, ie 4.27 million euros including tax. The objective is to increase the energy autonomy of local infrastructures.

The municipal water supply and sewerage company of Elassona consumes 8 GWh of electricity per year

The solar power plants are intended to reduce the electricity costs of the municipal water supply and sewerage company of Elassona by 90.3%, to 85,400 euros per year. The company consumes 8 GWh per year. The drop in emissions is estimated at 91%, the documentation shows.

The budget was provided by the Interior Ministry’s Antonis Tritsis Development and Solidarity Program for Municipal Governments, named after a former mayor of Athens, and the local company’s own funds. The project includes 18,515 solar panels of 270W each and other necessary equipment as well as a CCTV and alarm system and fencing around the sites.

The contractor will have 12 months to complete the task

The deadline is August 29 and the contractor will have 12 months to complete the task. Bids will be ranked on the basis of value for money. According to an earlier announcement published on the municipality‘s website, the solar power plants will have a lifespan of 25 years and the project amounts to 3.64 million euros in total, excluding VAT.

Local authorities across Greece, particularly in its coal mining and power plant hub in the Western Macedonia region, are advancing just transition and innovative green projects. Municipalities are launching projects for solar power plants and other green infrastructure. They also facilitate the creation of energy communities or cooperatives.

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