Elected Officials Step Up Efforts to Fight Illegal River Mining – myRepublica

BANKE, June 3: Newly elected people’s representatives in Rapti Sonari Rural Municipality in Banke District have prioritized their efforts to stop illegal mining of rivers and streams.

The Rural Municipality began field visits and monitoring for the same start Thursday.

The president of the rural municipality of Rapti Sonari, Tapta Poudel, said that the nine ward presidents, 17 members of the rural municipal executive, civil servants, technicians and security officials jointly carried out site visits in different rivers and gives an update on the mining of the river.

According to Poudel, the Rural Municipality of Rapti Sonari has already taken a decision of the Rural Municipal Executive to regulate the exploitation of stones, sands and pebbles.

After the check, the crushing industries would be questioned, and the purchasing source of the sand, stones, pebbles and others would be examined during the check.

Rapti Sonari Rural Municipality Chief Executive Singha Raj Dangi said most milling industries were operating illegally.

Some of the industries have been asked to appear before the Rural Municipality office within seven days with their documents and the amount of deposit they owe the Rural Municipality.

The municipality has imposed restrictions on the extraction of sand, pebbles and stones from various rivers including Kharikola, Muguwakhola, Tikulipurghat, Sidhaniyaghat, Bagdailaghat, Lalpurghat, Alinagar, Jalalalghat and Paruwakhola.

Officials said smuggling and illegal mining of riverine materials were rampant in the district as the municipality did not open a tender to award the contract for the 2021/2022 financial year.

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