Giant compost machine named in Tel Aviv

A giant waste composter at the Dizengoff Center was named in a celebratory ceremony on Tuesday that included Environmental Protection Minister Tamar Zandberg.

The composter, named Ecodrum, is unique in that it allows a private company to turn their own organic waste into compost. A pilot test at the Dizengoff center was recently completed, and the machine will now be stationed there permanently.

The project was carried out jointly by the supermarket chain “Mega”, the municipality of Tel Aviv, the environmental NGO “Tzalul” and the company “Ecocity Green”.

The composter is 10 meters long, contains 22,000 liters and weighs four tonnes. It can recycle between half a ton to a ton of organic waste every day. The waste from the Dizengoff machine is supplied by the Mega supermarket and restaurants on its premises, while the Tel Aviv municipality will provide the wood chippings. The two ingredients create a quality compost when mixed, which will then be used by the Municipality of Tel Aviv and its residents.

The localized waste composting process eliminates the need to transport waste to landfills and reduces emissions of methane gas, both of which are dangerous for the environment.

Dizengoff Mall on election day, March 2021 (credit: AVSHALOM SASSONI / MAARIV)

“The State of Israel is now burying 80% of its waste, and I intend to introduce legislation and facilities to change that,” Zandberg said.

Dizengoff Center aims to reduce its greenhouse gas emissions to zero by 2028, according to CEO and co-owner Dan Filtz. The Ecodrum will save the public between 200,000 and 300,000 shekels per year, he added.

“We believe that the breakthrough decision by the Dizengoff Center will prove that responsible climate action is good not only for human health and the health of nature, but also economically efficient and saves a great deal of resources,” added Maya Jacobs, director of Tzalul.

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