“He has truly become a legend in this city”; DJ Terrah passes Covid-19 despite his vaccination


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GAINESVILLE, Fla. (WCJB) – DJ Terrah, named Akeem Thompson Sr., was the voice behind your radio on 98.9 JAMZ for over a year and Magic 101.3 for many years prior to that, but despite having been vaccinated the 39-year-old – old man lost his battle against Covid-19.

98.9 JAMZ Vice President Eric Jewell has mentored him since he was 16 and gave him his first on-air job.

“He has truly become a legend in this town,” said Jewell. “He was special. He was determined, smart, smart, the kind of guy everyone liked.

During a memorial service at the radio station, Mother Lisa said that Akeem wanted to be a DJ since he was 13 and loved what he did.

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“I’m going to cook and have my own DJ at home and we’ll be rolling some old school R&B because that’s what he knows I love,” Lisa said.

What most don’t know is that he was on dialysis, on the waiting list for a second kidney.

“The kind of person he was, the way he juggled dialysis three days a week, five hours a day,” Jewel said. “You still want to meet a guy like Akeem. With everything he went through, he never complained.

Knowing he was immunocompromised, DJ Terrah received his vaccine in June.

Jewell said it’s important to get the hang of it for others.

“If you don’t get it for yourself, get it for someone else who you can pass it on,” Jewel said.

After getting vaccinated, DJ Terrah left a message for UF Health for the community.

“I lost some of my best friends to Covid-19 and they had no underlying health issues,” Thompson explained. “As a dialysis patient who needs a kidney transplant, getting the Covid-19 vaccine is just one more way to make sure I’m there for my children. If you can get the vaccine, do it.

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