‘Home Town Kickstart’ La Grange, Kentucky, episode airs on HGTV

WATCH: Ben and Erin Napier to star in HGTV and PEOPLE’s new Home Town Kickstart show

“Kentucky’s Kindness Capital,” which sits on the map listed as La Grange, Ky., got a nice little facelift when HGTV “Hometown Kickoff” came to town earlier this year.

Now you can see the transformation for yourself. The episode “Love for La Grange” is now airing on HGTV.

The Kentucky town of 8,000 people located 30 miles northeast of Louisville is one of six small towns across the country chosen to be highlighted in the first season of “Hometown Kickoff”, a new show hosted by Ben and Erin Napier.

Erin Napier, artist and graphic designer, and her husband Ben Napier, carpenter and former cabinet minister, first found television success as hosts of the HGTV series. “Hometown,” where the couple renovates historic homes. In this new spin-off, the Napiers take their efforts across the country to continue sparking a wave of passion in small towns.

In each city, the Napiers are joined by other popular HGTV personalities to help with three key renovations, including sprucing up a local hero’s home, giving a small business a nice upgrade, and invigorating a public space to improve residents’ quality of life and engender community pride.

Background:This New HGTV Show Will Give La Grange, Kentucky A Small-Town Makeover

“Erin and I have renovated over 80 homes in Laurel, Mississippi for ‘Home Town‘ and we’ve seen how those improvements change a community for the better,” said Ben Napier. “Now, with the help of HGTV, we’ll continue what we started and help more small towns across the country.”

On Sunday, a large crowd turned out to attend the premiere of “Love for La Grange” during a watch party in Southeastern Christian Churchfrom the La Grange campus. The show hosts, Well and Erin Napier, appeared on the big screen.

Ben Napier called La Grange “a classic Southern town, full of hospitality”.

If you missed Sunday’s premiere, don’t worry. The city’s renovations are highlighted in the fourth episode of the series, which includes several reruns in May and June on HGTV. The show can also be streamed on Discovery+.

Ben and Erin Napier will bring HGTV

HGTV Joe Mazza (“Home Inspector Joe”) and Alison Victoria (“Windy City Rehab”) helped renovate La Grange, which included the repurposing of horse trailers for use as pop-up shops by local artists, sprucing up downtown lanes to create a walking loop and Brandi and Andrew Dunk’s home update. Brandi Dunk, a stay-at-home mom with five children of her own, runs a daycare center out of her home for the children of essential workers. His efforts to give back to the community have been rewarded with a well-deserved makeover.

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Besides La Grange, other cities highlighted in the first season of “Home Town Kickstart” include Buffalo, Wyoming, Cornwall, New York, Winslow, Arizona, Thomaston, Georgia and Minden, Louisiana.

According to HGTV, out of 5,000 other submissions, these six small towns were identified as places that could touch the Napiers’ magic and reinvigorate their revitalization efforts.

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