How to submit a petition to the municipality

Ward 134 Councilor Devon Steenkamp has been assigned to the Standing Petitions Committee (PSC), meaning he will help review all petitions, refer them to local government departments for action and provide oversight to make recommendations to the departments concerned.

“First, before a petition process begins, residents must first register a call and obtain a reference number and allow the standard service level agreement to go through,” it said. he declares.

“If time has elapsed, this may be forwarded to their Ward Councillor, and in cases where the Ward Councilor does not receive a response, a petition process may begin.”

Most of the petitions received relate to traffic calming measures, Steenkamp said, but they can also range from noise pollution to the need for a new library.

“Some issues may require capital outlays, which means they have to go through inputs to the Integrated Development Planning (IDP) process. There is no limit to the number of people required to complete the petition, as it can be from one person to more than 1,000. However, the more signatures on a petition, the more it gives credit to a petition.

How to submit a petition:

  • Choose a lead petitioner who will manage the writing of the petition and submission. The main applicant will be the person contacted
    by the Petitions Unit of the City President’s Office, City Department, or City Municipal Entity, to provide updates or request further details regarding the petition.
  • Have the data in the petition completed by the persons concerned who accept the question.
  • Ask the main petitioner to complete the cover page of the petition register (can be received by his adviser).
  • Ask the lead petitioner to contact their local councilor to submit the petition to the City of Johannesburg Petitions Unit on their behalf or alternatively, submit it directly to the City of Joburg Metropolitan Center Unit or the City of Joburg Centers governance of regional districts.

Steenkamp said he was ready to respond to any petition requests. Email him at [email protected] for more information.

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