Hundreds of residents in downtown building with no air conditioning – NBC 5 Dallas-Fort Worth

A dozen residents of the Mosaic Dallas building in downtown Dallas contacted NBC 5 – reporting days without air conditioning as outside temperatures continued to climb through the mid to late ’90s on Monday .

A city council liaison for District 14 – where the apartment building is located – said management told the city more than 600 residents have been affected.

Resident Nancy Sensat shared photos she took of temperature readings on her thermostat inside her apartment. On Sunday, she said her thermostat read 89 degrees indoors. On Monday, he was reading 91.

“You can’t even breathe, it’s so hot,” Sensat said. “Even with fans. There’s no way to cool it down.

Jessica Hoxworth shared a photo of the thermostat inside her apartment showing 96 degrees on Sunday.

“We can only really stay there for about five minutes before it’s just suffocating,” said Hoxworth, who is now staying in a hotel.

Dallas Water Utilities said it began work on a valve on the city side of the water service line to the apartment building on Friday. Crews restored water service to Mosaic Dallas on Saturday afternoon, but Dallas said the lingering air conditioning problem appears to lie with the building’s cooling system – which uses water to operate.

Code compliance and Dallas Water Utilities said they were working with the building to resolve the reasons the chillers were not working.

Dallas Code Compliance told NBC 5 via email that it hopes repairs can be completed by Monday night or Tuesday morning.

Resident Zach Mahoney said he and his wife left town on Friday. They have to come home late Monday night.

“Before I left, my apartment was at 85 degrees. We had no water. It looked like the city had fixed the water supply and was hoping the air conditioning would be fixed, ”said Zach Mahoney, a resident.

Resident Alex Fath said he was also staying at a hotel not knowing when he will be able to return home.

“I don’t have any friends or family in Dallas. He literally just found out, ”said Fath.

“Some people are still in their apartments at 96 degrees with pets and nowhere to go,” Sensat said.

She and other residents are planning an informal meeting on Monday evening.

“The goal is to develop an action plan to bring residents together. I think our only outlet right now has been to let off steam on Facebook. I want the residents to come together as a group so that we can find some sort of resolution and people know that they are not alone in this matter, ”Sensat said.

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