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Narrowing the sectors where India can become a global champion, ensuring effective targeting of subsidies and making states and municipalities financially sound are some of the ideas discussed in sector groups of secretaries working on the goals to be achieved by the India by 2047, News18 has learned.

The Narendra Modi government undertook this exercise to imagine what India can achieve by 2047 when it marks 100 years of independence. Ten Sector Groups of Secretaries (SGoS) covering all sectors have worked to prepare a roadmap to achieve this by 2047.

The themes on which the SGoS works include agriculture, infrastructure, resources, welfare, social development, finance and economics, trade and industry, technology, governance, security and foreign affairs.

News18 was the first to report in December 2021 on the government’s plans on preparing a vision document which will list goals to be achieved by 2047 with set timelines.

Last month, Cabinet Secretary Rajiv Gauba and CEO Niti Aayog had met with the SGoS Head Secretaries and State Chief Secretaries on ideas to discuss structural reforms to be undertaken as part of the India exercise. @2047.

Officials familiar with the talks told News18 that ideas such as identifying sectors where India can emerge as a global champion, a framework for making India a hub of global manufacturing and trade were discussed as goals to be achieved by 2047. The senior officials also discussed the need for extensive brainstorming for the [email protected] exercise, including gap analysis and benchmarking with best-in-class in the world.

Financially strengthening states and municipalities, strengthening public sector enterprises, reducing inequality and effectively targeting subsidies were also some of the ideas on the table for 2047.

The need for above average per capita income, strong public finances and financial services sector, economic sovereignty as part of the 2047 vision document was also discussed.

At the meeting, the critical role that states would play was also highlighted as India considered revamping its policies and regulations in line with [email protected] plans. A senior official said the Niti Aayog has solicited contributions from all states which could be included in the roadmap to be drafted by the 10 SGoS to achieve the targets envisaged for 2047.

The Chief Secretaries present at the meeting also suggested reforms to be undertaken as part of the exercise. Some suggestions made by the Chief Secretaries on goals to be achieved over the next 25 years include civil service and justice reforms, transformation of the education system, a happiness index, among others.

News18 reported last month that teams comprising 40 award-winning young civil servants, young entrepreneurs and young entrepreneurs and IIT faculty members were working on drafting the blueprint for [email protected] Administrative reforms in three countries – the United States, the United Kingdom and the Republic of Korea – are being studied by government officials to incorporate their best practices into the plan and discussions have taken place with their representatives.

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