Jajpur, Vyasanagar Municipalities: NOTA votes cause concern among candidates

Japur: As the election results for the Urban Local Bodies Polls for Jajpur and Vyasanagar Municipalities poured in, the ‘NOTE’ option (none of the above) on electronic voting machines garnered up to 614 votes , according to a report.

This has raised doubts about the candidates’ ability to win voters’ trust in this election, according to a report. The large number of NOTA votes is indicative of the lack of trust that ordinary people have in political representatives.

Out of these votes, 416 NOTA votes were cast in the Vyasanagar Municipality elections while there were 198 NOTA votes for Jajpur Municipality.

The large number of NOTA votes proved that the voters concerned found none of the candidates good enough to be elected to the civic body.

The NOTA votes also highlighted the growing rift between ordinary citizens and the administration, with political representatives failing to deliver on their promise.

Elected officials have an important role to play in linking the common man to the administration and solving his problem. However, the political representatives are busy satisfying the interests of their loyalists once elected.

Thus, the link between politician and entrepreneur is growing day by day. No party is immune to this type of politics for which the election has become the best business to invest in these days.

A careful examination of the development works undertaken in Vyasanagar Municipality will reveal that no party is sincerely interested in the development of the civic body.

The city‘s continuous drainage problem has been the main impediment to development for more than 30 years since its inception.


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