Jefferson Town reunion mandate hearing on March 7

Residents gather in the Jefferson Village School gymnasium for a special town meeting on January 14. (LCN file)

Jeffersonians will have the opportunity to learn more about which items they will vote on in a referendum at the Annual Municipal Meeting, in a public hearing at 6 p.m. on Monday, March 7 in the school cafeteria. JeffersonVillage.

One of the most significant changes between the 2021 and 2022 terms is the amount requested to be raised and allocated to the cost of ambulance service to the city. The demand in the 2022 term totals $115,788, an increase of $105,288 or 1,002.74%.

Waldoboro Emergency Services and Central Lincoln County Ambulance Service provide coverage for Jefferson. Waldoboro EMS serves the northern two-thirds of the city, while Central CLC Ambulance provides coverage for the southern third.

The cost of Waldoboro EMS coverage is $55,060 from Jan. 1 to June 30, and it’s expected to rise in the second half due to changes to Waldoboro’s pension plan for EMS staff, according to previous reports in The Lincoln. County News.

In 2021, the cost of Waldoboro’s EMS service was $7,000 for the City of Jefferson.

In 2021, Jefferson paid approximately $3,500 to the CLC ambulance service. This number will increase in 2022 to $60,726.

The terms of reference also include an article regarding a new medical marijuana ordinance. A previous ordinance, enacted in 2017, banned retail marijuana establishments, but as previously reported by The Lincoln County News, City Administrator Lynne Barnikow said the ordinance is not in effect. due to subsequent changes in state law.

The Jefferson Select Board approved the proposed ordinance for inclusion in the terms of reference of the annual municipal meeting, at its Jan. 26 meeting. The proposed ordinance provides more details on site requirements, permit application process and requirements, and other regulations.

Jefferson currently has two medical marijuana retail dispensaries, Cloud 9 at 50 Rockland Road and Elevation Station at 132 Waldoboro Road.

Elsewhere in the mandate, the roads and highways budget totals $390,816, an increase of $30,802 or 8.56%. The increase comes entirely from the budget item for snow removal contracts.

Other items in the terms of reference related to roadwork include a request for the city to spend $46,784 of the state block grant for the reconstruction of Linscott Road, two separate items requesting that $9,500 and $3,000 be raised and earmarked for Linscott Road, and to appropriate $300,000 for communal road repairs and repairs.

The city’s administration budget is $386,400, an increase of $5,865 or 1.54%. Small increases in budget lines for office expenses, insurance/bonds and elections/municipal meetings contributed to the increase.

The Health and Safety Services budget, which includes funds for the Nobleboro-Jefferson Transfer Station, Jefferson Fire Department, emergency management, animal control and wildfire suppression, totals $177 $171, an increase of $6,101 or 3.57%.

A separate article asks voters to raise and allocate $65,000 to the Jefferson Fire and Rescue reserve fund.

The unclassified expense budget, which includes funding for unorganized cemeteries, the public library, Memorial Day, and scholarships, totals $11,933, an increase of $515 or 4.51%.

Polls will be open for the Annual Municipal Meeting by Referendum from 8 a.m. to 8 p.m. Tuesday, March 29 at the Jefferson Fire Station.

Copies of the mandate are available at the town hall or at

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