Lambert’s Bay ‘high-stakes’ by-election will determine…

Wednesday’s by-election in the small west coast town of Lambert’s Bay, about 280 km from Cape Town, will determine who will govern the municipality of Cederberg. The by-election is for “high stakes,” said election analyst Wayne Sussman.

On Wednesday, October 12, candidates William Josef Farmer (Patriotic Alliance), Beverly van der Heever Schalk (African National Congress), Ferdinand Fransman (Economic Freedom Fighters) and John Hayes (Democratic Alliance) will compete for the position of ward councilor 5. . The neighborhood is located in Lambert’s Bay, known for its pristine beaches and fishing community.

Farmer, then with the DA, won the ward in the 2021 municipal election, garnering 42.48% of valid votes. At a council meeting in July 2022, Farmer voted to remove Dr. Ruben Richards as mayor of the municipality of Cederberg in a motion of no confidence, according to News24. Richards, from Cederberg Eerste, was part of a coalition with the DA and Freedom Front Plus to govern the municipality. When Richards was removed from office, the new governing majority of the PA and ANC elected Farmer as mayor.

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As a result, the DA terminated Farmer’s membership and the ward became vacant. Farmer later defected to the PA and will contest the neighborhood under the banner of his new political party. This, according to the APwas in direct retaliation for the defection of Councilor Matzikama Christo Boks to the DA.

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Sussman said the winner of this by-election will determine who will govern the municipality’s 11-seat council – either a coalition of the DA and Freedom Front Plus (which controlled before Richards stepped down) or the current PA/ANC coalition .

During this partial election campaign, the bigwigs of the party visited the region: the federal president of the AD, Helen Zille, the national president of the ANC, Gwede Mantashe, and the president of the PA, Gayton McKenzie, all came to bolster support for their candidates.

When Daily Maverickk asked Mantashe about the by-election when he was in the area last week, he said, “If we work hard and win this neighborhood back from the DA, that will be a bonus.”

Acting DA Western Cape Chief Tertuis Simmers said Daily Maverickk that the party was ready for the by-election.

“The Ward 5 by-election is important not only for our DA voter base, but also for the community as a whole, as it will determine whether the majority of council parties that are values-based will form a coalition government. driven by values ​​thereafter, which will ensure that the Municipality of Cederberg moves forward and becomes sustainable,” Simmers said.

“This election is not just about tomorrow; it’s about whether the community on the ground (rural voters) can speak through the electoral system,” said PA deputy provincial leader Sammy Claassen.

He added that the DA and ANC had failed in communities, pointing to power cuts under the ANC and accusing the DA of failing to hold the ANC accountable.

“The rural area will show them tomorrow,” Claassen said. DM


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