Lawyer alleges Metropolitan Detention Center is not safe for inmates

Chavez tested positive for COVID-19 three days after his arrest last week.

“Mr. Chavez is in quarantine because he has COVID.

And that’s exactly one of the reasons his lawyer, Ryan Villa, doesn’t want him at the MDC.

At remand hearings, defense attorneys usually explain why people accused of crimes do not pose a danger to society. Chavez’s lawyer does too.

In a court filing on Wednesday, he said Chavez had “strong ties to our community” and would accept “house arrest” and “GPS surveillance.”

But Villa adds a whole other argument – that the MDC is not safe for inmates, and that’s why his client shouldn’t be held in jail pending trial. He says “detainees are in grave danger” and that the pandemic has had “disastrous and tragic consequences” at the MDC.

Additionally, the recent cyberattack on the county has caused problems.

The Public Defender’s Office told KOB 4 that, on several occasions, prison staff “lost” their clients – they literally couldn’t find them to bring them to meetings or hearings.

New district defenseman Matt Chavez said it was “extremely concerning” and that “tensions were very high at the jail.”

KOB 4 reported numerous concerns to the MDC. Lawsuits have alleged officers ignored calls for help from an inmate before he took his own life just over a year ago.

Other criminal prosecutions and complaints detail unnoticed seizures and inmates beating and killing another inmate.

Moreover, in a new court filing earlier this month, a nurse said it was “the worst medical care ever at the MDC”.

She had worked there for more than a decade before quitting. She says the nurses there are overstretched because there aren’t enough of them.

KOB 4 asked an MDC spokesperson to respond to all of these allegations and received no response.

The hearing has been postponed to January 31. The fatal shooting in this case was a case of mistaken identity. In July, downtown, Trevonte Robbins was shot and killed – he was only 19 years old.

Police announced they would charge four people with the murder, saying they didn’t mean to shoot him – they were looking for another guy.

Another person was injured and an APD officer was also injured after a bullet hit his windshield.

Investigators say surveillance video helped them make three arrests, including Chavez – who a criminal complaint says – is the man shown moving a roadblock.

He faces several charges, including murder. His lawyer maintains that he was unaware of the plan to kill someone.

Police say another person in custody – Asad Moody – pulled the trigger, using cartridges compatible with an AK-47 rifle. And they’re still looking for the latest suspect – 21-year-old Jonathan Martinez.

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