Lawyer for officers accused of lying says department must be transparent and supportive of its officers

ST. LOUIS (KMOV) — The finger pointing focuses on officers’ claims that a man tried to hijack them at gunpoint. The circuit attorney said those claims were a lie. Now, the officers’ attorney is backing the officers and saying the department must do the same.

“My client didn’t know it was on, and it was for almost four hours. And for four hours he repeats the same statement over and over and over and over, saying the same thing happened that he said to the DA’s office,” Brian Millikan said.

Millikan is representing the two St. Louis Metropolitan Police Department officers involved in what they call an attempted carjacking. He is referring to footage from one of the officers’ body camera which was turned on after the incident. These are edited images that News 4 has aired for the past two days. There is also body camera footage and surveillance footage from a nearby business.

In the surveillance video, a man named Allen Robinson pulls into the street, stops the oncoming marked police van, heads for his passenger-side window, and then the truck speeds away. It was when Robinson was at the passenger side window that officers said he pointed a gun.

“Based on my client’s statements, he showed this gun and pointed it at the passenger,” Millikan said.

On March 19, the SLMPD released an incident report calling the encounter with Robinson an attempted carjacking. Two weeks later, the St. Louis City Circuit Attorney’s Office called it a lie.

“If he had lied about it, it would have come out in a lot of ways on body camera footage that he didn’t know they were recording,” Millikan said.

SLMPD declined two video requests. News 4 returned to the circuit attorney’s office to ask if they would turn over the body camera video that hadn’t been heavily edited. A spokesperson for the office said Wednesday afternoon that they were sending the raw body camera footage with names redacted. Then, around 7 p.m., the bureau denied the request and said News 4 should return to police for the video.

“I think we have a prosecutor’s office that for years tried to drive a wedge between the citizens of St. Louis and the police department,” Millikan said.

Millikan said the circuit attorney’s office isn’t the only one wrong here.

“A department that [the two officers] served for 26 years combined refused to come out and make a statement, post a video, anything, in support of or on their behalf. It’s incredibly disappointing for them,” Millikan said.

There are half a dozen Real Time Crime cameras near the intersection of 12th and Chouteau where the alleged carjacking attempt took place. Multiple sources told News 4 that some of them captured the March 19 incident. News 4 will contact police again for more video of the incident.

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