Letter from Metropolitan Alexios on Hurricane Ian – From the Archdiocese

September 27, 2022

To the Reverend Clergy and Faithful of Metro Atlanta:

My Beloveds,

“Deliver this community and this city, O Lord, and every city and village,
from famine, pestilence, earthquake, hurricane tornado and flood.
(Excerpt from the Liturgy of Saint Basil)

With hurricane season in the southern United States, I pray that we turn our attention and prayers to the State of Florida, which recently fell under a state of emergency due to the impending arrival of Hurricane Ian. Specifically, I offer my prayers and blessings to communities in Metropolis that are in the current path of the storms, including the Tampa Bay area and Naples.

Residents of affected areas are strongly encouraged to pay close attention to government announcements and news in the coming days. I also encourage each of you to care for your friends and neighbors as examples of Christian love and kindness.

May God grant us strength and vigilance to weather the effects of the approaching storm. I humbly ask that we all continue to offer our prayers and supplications to our Almighty Creator for homes, livelihoods and places of worship that may be impacted by the hurricane. I’m staying,

Fatherly yours with blessings and with love in our Lord,

Metropolitan of Atlanta

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