Luzerne County Municipalities Review Potential Tax Sale Bidders


Under new state law, the 76 municipalities in Luzerne County have until 4 p.m. Monday to determine whether they disqualify potential bidders in Thursday’s retroactive tax auction.

Aimed at cracking down on irresponsible bidders who contribute to the scourge, the amendment to the state property tax law requires county tax reclamation offices to cut off registration of bids earlier so municipalities have time to research if potential buyers have any code violations or owner license revocations.

Bidders also faced increased reporting requirements.

About 175 bidders have registered by the Sept. 13 deadline for this week’s sale, said Sean Shamany, of county tax receivables operator Elite Revenue Solutions LLC.

Elite sent municipalities a spreadsheet of all bidders last week and informed them of the new law and the deadline for their review, Shamany said.

As of Friday morning, no municipality had signaled its intention to withdraw bidders, Shamany said. Municipalities with questions are urged to contact the county tax claims office at 570-825-1512.

Sales tax

Thursday’s auction begins at 10 a.m. at King’s College Scandlon Physical Education Center, 150 N. Main St., Wilkes-Barre, with COVID-19 protocols in place and participation limited to registered bidders.

This auction is a first stage “shake up” sale, which means buyers must pay all overdue taxes and accept responsibility for overdue mortgages and liens.

Unsold properties advance to a future clear and free “judicial” sale, when all overdue liens and taxes are waived, unless auction competition increases the purchase price to cover some or all of this. debt.

About 1,000 properties remained in the shaken auction Friday morning, but many are typically pulled in the days leading up to a sale as owners make last-minute payments.

Properties become eligible for auction if taxes have been unpaid for two years. Delinquent homeowners can avoid a disrupted auction by filing for bankruptcy, getting a court order, or paying the portion of taxes going back two years or more – in that sale, whatever is owed until 2019.

Information about the auction is published on

County property

Another type of county property auction has been scheduled for October and has nothing to do with overdue taxes.

This sale is for only six vacant county-owned parcels in Dallas Township.

The county council has decided that an auction should be held because more than one owner has expressed interest in the six properties, said council real estate committee chair LeeAnn McDermott.

The auction will take place on October 14 at 10 a.m. in the rotunda of the Wilkes-Barre County Courthouse.

Auctions will start at $ 500 per package.

Those interested in bidding must submit notarized registration packages to Council Clerk Sharon Lawrence by 4:00 p.m. on September 30. Potential bidders should contact Lawrence at 570-825-1634 or [email protected] to receive a package.

According to a legal announcement, the six plots all have property identification numbers, or PINs, beginning with “10-D8S5” followed by these identifiers: 011-018; 011-041; 012-030; 012-031; 012-032; and 012-044.

Bidders cannot owe overdue taxes or utility bills from the municipality or have a record of landlord license revocation in the county, the ad says.

Elite will conduct the auction for the county, McDermott said.

More departmental plots

Dallas residents Alan and Brenda Pugh are among those interested in the Dallas Township plots.

A majority of the county council voted last week to approve the sale of another 21 township properties to the Pughs for $ 500 each, as no other interested buyers had come forward for those 21.

Brenda Pugh said the plots are tiny and worth less than the bid amount as they are in the middle of the woods with no utilities or frontage along the nearest street, Fairgrounds Road. The lots were once part of the long-gone Dallas Union Agriculture Fair operations, she said.


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