Malema promises free land and basic services in municipalities managed by EFF

EFF leader Julius Malema is committed to providing basic municipal services, with an emphasis on free water and electricity for needy households.

Malema was greeted by a sea of ​​red in Gandhi Square, less than 200 meters from the gates of the new party headquarters in downtown Johannesburg.

He told his supporters that the party was a viable alternative for effective governance at the local government level.

Key themes of the EFF manifesto included job creation and economic opportunity, access to education, health care and land.

“Each EFF municipality will have its own municipal land reform plan outlining the municipality-based land reform goals. These goals will aim to resolve the urban land shortage in urban and peri-urban municipalities and ensure access to land for housing, urban agriculture and black people. In rural municipalities, these goals will focus on increasing agricultural production and providing land for housing, ”Malema told the cheering crowd.

“Each EFF municipality will formalize all informal settlements under its jurisdiction and ensure that these areas are serviced and properly zoned to ensure that houses can be built in these areas in the short to medium term.”

The party, formed in 2013, is running for the second time in local elections.

Now one of the largest parties in parliament, the EFF has often openly criticized the ruling ANC for “incompetent leadership” and the official opposition DA for its “anti-poor policies”.

Malema told his supporters the party would be the exception to the rule among the Big Three.

“In each EFF commune, households that depend on social benefits will benefit from free basic services without having to register on the database of needy people. The EFF will continue to fight for an increase in social benefits. Each EFF municipality will communicate or make known that people who receive social grants will automatically be eligible for free basic services without any registration process.

“Each EFF municipality will build capacity which will include social workers to conduct home visits, document and profile all needy households to ensure that they receive all free basic services and social grants. by June 2022. Each EFF municipality will assign needy household advisers who will ensure that every household has access to free basic services by January 2022. “

Malema promised his supporters that the party would deploy sober leaders in the municipalities run by the EFF.

“The councilors of each EFF municipality will submit a quarterly report detailing the number of indigent households that benefit from free basic services.

“All EFF advisers will know their communities, their neighbors and the details of the challenges people face. All EFF advisers will keep a register of indigent families in their neighborhood to ensure that they receive basic services such as water, electricity and social grants, “he added.


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