Malmö is Sweden’s best environmental municipality for the second year in a row

Malmö is Sweden’s best environmental municipality for the second year in a row

Close engagement initiatives with the business sector and residents have been key to spreading the idea at all levels

The Swedish magazine Aktuell Hallbarhet distinguished the city of Malmö as the most environmentally friendly municipality in the country for the second year in a row, according to the municipal website. This recognition comes after the continuous efforts of local authorities to involve other actors of the city in the adoption of the ambitious perspectives of sustainable transformation.

We have big ambitions and big goals in Malmö. Environmental work permeates the whole organization and the city, it is a natural part of our daily work. It can be anything from travel policy and staff cycles to high sustainability ambitions in urban development projects,” says Rebecka Persson, the city’s environmental director.

Moving to a more sustainable Malmö requires the whole city to work in new ways to find solutions to our common challenges. In collaboration with the business world and academia, through testbeds, the administration has developed innovative solutions, such as smart energy systems, shared services for citizens, but also new water solutions to reduce drinking water consumption.

Climate work is on everyone’s mind

Obtaining the distinction is no accident. Consider, for example, that Malmö was one of the first cities in Sweden to sign the 2030 Climate Contractshowing that he wants to lead the way and work with others to move towards climate-neutral and sustainable cities.

By climate control (as the document is known in Swedish) Malmö, business, associations and residents of Malmö, based on their unique contributions, can participate in Malmö’s climate change.

“We have started to form important partnerships with the business world. We are also working to involve the inhabitants of Malmö, which is absolutely necessary for our success. In dialogue with the inhabitants, we are developing a digital tool to facilitate the inhabitants to contribute to the work on climate change and for us to better understand their challenges and driving forces so that we, as a city, can accompany change in a relevant way,“adds Rebecka Persson.

An example of local involvement is that the city of Malmö hired people to climate ambassadors. Their task is to work with landowners in Rosengård to reduce waste issues and at the same time be climate ambassadors.

Linked to climate challenges, the city of Malmö has also worked over the past year to build the city’s resilience in several ways to withstand climate change. Among other things, the Blue Green City Lab project worked to increase the use of nature-based solutions in the city, such as green walls. Malmö was very recently named a Center of Resilience by the UN, which means increased opportunities for cooperation and knowledge sharing in the region.

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