Manhattan City Examines Parking Costs for Aggieville New Technology Before Garage Opens

MANHATTAN, Kan. (KSNT) – The city of Manhattan is considering changing the way it manages parking in Aggieville before the new parking lot opens early next year.

Deputy City Manager Jason Hilgers said the city is considering using license plate recognition software to track vehicles parked on the street in Aggieville. However, he said it will be reassessed once the city finishes revamping the neighborhood.

“With the construction activity that we will be engaging with throughout Aggieville over the next four to five years,” said Hilgers. “We didn’t want to put up a lot of signage and kiosks to have to remove them. “

Drivers in the parking lot will use an app to register their vehicles upon arrival. Hilgers said the city is ultimately considering having all of Aggieville’s parking lots on this same system.

The proposed plan includes $ 0.50 per hour of garage parking with a daily maximum of $ 2. Hilgers said monthly passes would be offered to people who work in Aggieville for $ 20 and to the rest of the community for $ 30.

On-street parking would be reduced from a three-hour limit to a two-hour limit. Hilgers said the fine structure would include:

  • First offense – Warning
  • Second offense – $ 15 bill
  • Third offense – $ 30 bill
  • Fourth offense – $ 50 bill

“Fifty dollars coincides with where we are on campus right now for a violation,” Hilgers said. “As close as Aggieville is to K-State, we want to try to be close if not consistent with what they’re ultimately doing.”

Hilgers said the city is working with a Denver-based parking consultant to develop the next parking plan. The Manhattan City Commission is not expected to vote on a final parking plan until the parking lot opens in March or April 2022.

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