Meetings with the municipality yield positive results for the Umhlatuzana river

The Kharwastan Civic Association held an urgent meeting to discuss the health hazard of the Umhlatuzana River, with concerned members of this meeting, which recently met to inquire about the progress made in this important quest. environmental.

At the first meeting, issues raised were about the polluted nature of the river, with human waste and chemicals from factories attributing to the gruesome condition of the stream, citing the informal settlement of the Bottlebrush community. as one of the main contributors to this waste.

However, the main complaint from residents, as well as from the association, was the condition of a municipal sewer pipe, which had been damaged in a previous flood.

According to the secretary of the Kharwastan Civic Association and chair of the meetings, Umar Singh, raw sewage had leaked from this pipe over the past year, despite numerous complaints from residents and the local councilor to the city. ‘EThekwini Water and Sanitation Unit.

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“As a result of in-loco inspections by the departments of the municipality, including the Department of Economic Development, Tourism and Environment of KZN, and the KZN branch of government departments of the National Department of Water and of sanitation, the latter published a statutory opinion under the water law. , on the municipality of eThekwini to rectify the problem. During this meeting, which was mainly a review of the progress made, we were happy to learn that the municipality had indeed temporarily repaired the disjointed sewer line. We have been informed that those in charge of the southern basin of Durban have formed a multidisciplinary team to launch Operation Good Hope in wards 70 and 71. With the help of the health service, the sewer manholes blocked near the camp. Bottlebrush was unblocked as sewage flowed into the stream from them, ”Singh explained.

In addition to this, investigations into other forms of pollution such as the indiscriminate disposal of solid waste in the watercourse are under consideration.

Singh concluded that the Kharwastan Civic Association, with the help of officials from the southern Durban Basin, will continue to work with all responsible ministries to improve the water quality of the Heron Street stream and river. Umhlatuzana in order to eliminate any form of public health. danger or dander to residents and the public.

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