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A Metropolitan Police officer accused of raping a woman told him he thought she was “playing hard to get him” when she told him no, a court said.

She said she and James Geoghegan consensually kissed in her bedroom, but then pulled down his pajama shorts.

In a police video released to Chelmsford Crown Court, the woman said, “I picked them up and said, ‘No. Stop.’ He then pulled them down.

Geoghegan, 27, from Aylesbury in Buckinghamshire, then allegedly raped the woman in her home in Essex in December 2018. “I just remember lying there staring at the ceiling, thinking: ‘This is disgusting’ , she said.

The woman said he fell asleep afterwards and cried. She added that she later asked him if he understood why she was upset and if he remembered her asking him to stop.

“He said, ‘Yeah, I thought you were just playing,'” the woman said, and Geoghegan told her, “I thought you were playing just to be flirty.”

“He’s much stronger and taller than me and pulled them [her shorts] off, ”she said. “Personally, I think if someone says stop, it means stop.”

She said they had been drinking on the night in question. “Pieces are missing because there was a lot of the drink involved.”

Prosecution attorney Wayne Cleaver told the court: “The prosecution case is straightforward: [the victim] say no and [the victim] said stop, and that’s exactly what she meant. He said the defendant “ignored her limitations and instead decided to go ahead”.

“It was totally unreasonable. He had no reasonable belief that she was consenting, much less that she was inviting him to have sex with him, ”he said.

“He may have felt that he had waited long enough and that this was an opportunity for him to go through with it without really caring what she really wanted and what she did. clearly indicated. “

He said that as a police officer, Geoghegan had “a professional outlook” on where “sexual boundaries can be crossed”.

Geoghegan denies a rape charge. The trial continues.

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