Moore Municipalities Receive $ 1.5 Million in Powell Bill Funding

The North Carolina Department of Transportation distributes more than $ 143.1 million in municipal government assistance, also known as the Powell Bill fund, to 509 municipalities statewide.

The amount each municipality receives is based on a formula established by the NC General Assembly, with 75 percent of funds based on population and 25 percent based on the number of street kilometers maintained locally.

Moore County incorporated towns will receive more than $ 1.53 million for road repairs. The initial allocation, half of the total, was distributed this week. The other half will be paid by January 1.

Below is the amount received by each town in Moore County:

Aberdeen: $ 230,060.50

Cameron: $ 7,845.59

Carthage: $ 80,069.86

Foxfire Village: $ 44,291.20

Pinebluff: $ 50,900.24

Pinehurst: $ 483,175.01

Robbins: $ 32,660.86

Southern pines: $ 408,003.47

Taylortown: $ 19,328.33

Vase: $ 31,737.85

Whispering Pins: $ 142,554.83

The funds from Bill Powell are primarily used to resurfacing municipal streets, but can also be used to maintain, repair, construct or widen streets, bridges and drainage areas. Municipalities can also use Powell Bill funds to plan, build and maintain bike paths, greenways or sidewalks.

“Powell Bill’s funding enables many essential transportation improvements for communities from mountain to coast,” said Secretary of State for Transportation Eric Boyette. “Municipalities can use these funds for a variety of projects that make North Carolina an even better place to live and work. ”

The fonds is named after Junius K. Powell, former State Senator and Mayor of Whiteville. Powell was the primary sponsor of the 1951 bill that helped cities across the state solve urban road problems. Powell Bill’s first allocation of funds was $ 4.5 million and was distributed to 386 towns and villages.

Featured photo by photographer John Patota of Sandhills Sentinel.


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