Muscat Municipality tows 291 abandoned vehicles

Muscat: As part of its efforts to preserve the urban environment and ensure smooth traffic flow, the Municipality of Muscat in Seeb conducted a campaign to tow neglected vehicles from public places, plazas and parking lots.

The municipality seized 291 vehicles left unattended across the city and placed 3,217 warning stickers advising their owners to take them back within the allotted time.

Leaving neglected vehicles in public places for a long time is a violation of regulations and laws based on the provisions of Administrative Decision No. (171/2018) issued on the organization of neglected vehicles in public places in the governorate of Muscat, where section (2) of the regulations states that the owner of the vehicle is prohibited from leaving it in a public place in a manner that distorts the view of the public.

Section (3) clarifies the procedures for the municipality to place a warning sticker on vehicles left in public places in a way that distorts public view, provided that it coordinates with the Royal Police of ‘Oman, within seven days from the date of placement of the warning. sticker on the vehicle, to ensure that there is no report or circular on the vehicle or any other restrictions.

Section (4) states that the Municipality may tow and seize abandoned vehicles in public places at the expense of the owner of the vehicle after the expiry of a period of 14 days from the date of affixing the tag warning, without the Municipality incurring any liability. for damage caused to the abandoned vehicle during its transfer to the place of detention.

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