New Years Eve Marks End of Municipality’s Exclusion Window for Dispensaries and Retail Cannabis Use | Harris Beach SA


Although the New York State cannabis market has stagnated in recent months, Governor Kathy Hochul’s arrival in Albany has raised hopes that appointments to the Cannabis Management Bureau and the Cannabis Control Board will make a difference. advance the industry. Currently, the Marijuana Regulation and Taxation Act (MRTA) has legalized cannabis throughout New York State. But municipalities – like their populations – have varying degrees of ease with industry; and have some discretion over legalized marijuana over what is allowed and what is restricted.

Under the MRTA, municipalities are not permitted to regulate the operation or licensing of registered organizations, cannabinoid hemp licenses, or licenses for the processor, distributor, cooperative, or cultivator of cannabis for use. adult. However, towns, cities, and towns can refuse to allow on-site retail dispensaries and consumer licenses within their respective boundaries by passing local law, subject to a permissive referendum no later than December 31. Municipalities cannot prohibit other authorized entities from operating within their boundaries, including those with a delivery, nursery, cultivator or microenterprise license. After December 21, municipalities cannot prohibit other authorized entities from operating within their boundaries.

Municipalities often shape their decision-making process with public hearings and city council votes. In some cases, a city council vote is withdrawn or overturned based on comments from public hearings or comments. Many towns and villages are still undecided regarding both dispensaries and consumer licensing. Some are waiting for December to approach.

This Municipality Enrollment / Opt-Out Option Card for adults tracks cities that have already made decisions and cities in the process of making decisions; as well as the next municipal assemblies and electoral referendums.


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