Notice of Intent to Request the Release of Funds for the City’s Emergency Assistance Program (EAP) and Environmental Review File for the EAP

Notice of Intent to Request the Release of Funds for the City of Cicero’s Emergency Assistance Program (EAP)

On or about 12/10/2021, the City of Cicero Housing Department will submit a request to the United States Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) for the release of Community Development Block Grants Program (CDBG) funds. ), for Multi-Program / Project of the Year: Emergency Assistance Program, with the aim of providing access to emergency housing rehabilitation services for low-income owner-occupied single-family dwellings to moderate (up to two units) in the town of Cicero to correct shortcomings in safe housing, including: broken furnace in winter, broken air conditioner compressor in summer, collapsed sewers, burst water pipes, roof structures dangerous, electrical hazards, carpentry and plastering / painting as part of the system to be replaced. The City of Cicero is requesting the release of $ 50,000.00 for the PY2021 grant period ending 09/30/2022. The risk control activities proposed for funding under this program are categorically excluded from the requirements of the National Environmental Policy Act, but subject to compliance with some of the environmental laws and authorities listed in §58.5 of 24 CFR Part 58. In accordance with §58.15, a multi-level review process has been structured, during which certain environmental laws and authorities have been reviewed and considered for the intended target area (s) listed above. Other applicable environmental laws and authorities will be observed when individual sites are identified. Specifically, the target area was investigated and compliance with the following laws and authorities was established in the Level 1 review: Airport Risks, Coastal Barrier Resources Law, Flood Insurance, Air Quality, Coastal Area Management Law, Endangered Species Law, Explosives and Flammable Hazards, Agricultural Land Protection, Floodplain Management, Historic Preservation, Single Source Aquifers, Wetland Protection, Wild Rivers Act and picturesque and environmental justice. During the site-specific review, compliance with the following environmental laws and authorities will occur for proposed projects funded under the above program: Contamination and Toxic Substances and Noise Reduction and Control. If individual global projects exceed the categorical exclusion threshold detailed in §58.35 (a), an environmental assessment will be carried out and a separate finding of no significant impact and a request for release of funds will be issued. Copies of the Compliance Documentation Worksheets are available at the address below. An Environmental Review File (ERR) that documents the environmental decisions for this project, and further describes the multi-level review process cited above, is filed with the City of Cicero 1634 S. Housing Department. Laramie Avenue, Cicero, IL 60804 and can be reviewed or copied Monday through Thursday 8 a.m. to 8 p.m. The RER is also available on the Town‘s website at


Any individual, group or agency can submit written comments on the RER to Martha Garcia, Deputy Director of Housing Program, City of Cicero Housing Department, [email protected] All comments received by 10/11/2021 will be reviewed by the City of Cicero Housing Department prior to authorizing the submission of a Fund Release and Environmental Certification request to HUD.


Environmental review for the EAP

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