Oklahoma Town’s first openly gay mayor resigns over harassment

Due to constant harassment and fear for his safety, Adam Graham, the first open gay mayor of The Village, Okla., resigned after just two months on the job.

“For nearly five years I have proudly served the Village as a member of council and mayor. It has been an honor to serve and it has been my great privilege to break down boundaries,” Graham announced via Twitter on July 18, revealing his resignation.

Graham, who was elected mayor in May, said he had become the target of homophobic harassment and threats over the past two months.

“Since 2018, I have fought against ageism, racism and homophobia at every stage. I was proud that Le Village was ready for a young voice and for new ideas. Unfortunately, some elements of the population have recently been emboldened to continue threats and attacks bordering on violent,” he continued. “Last month I was followed home from meetings, threatened while walking my dog, harassed at Starbucks and my tires got punctured.”

Graham also noted a May 28 incident in which he shared strained words with police officers in the nearby town of Nichols Hills.

“This stems from an incident two months ago where I clashed with Nichols Hills police targeting village residents,” he wrote. “I will never apologize for standing up for the people I was elected to serve. I will never understand why some officials are more concerned with representing the interests of Nichols Hills than the interests of their constituents.”

During the incident, Graham asked officers to ‘get out’ and informed them that they were not allowed to issue tickets within the city limits of The Village, according to body camera footage obtained by BNC News.

Graham concluded his message by saying he felt he could no longer serve the city after the ordeal: “Unfortunately these malicious and bad faith attacks are escalating and I no longer feel safe to serve in my as mayor. It is with a heavy heart that I tender my resignation with immediate effect.”

Graham currently plans to live his life as a private citizen who will “work to ensure that the best people possible are elected to serve in municipal government.”

It looks like he’s currently working at a campaign management company. bison campaigns.

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