Petco Love invests $95,000 in Rescued Pets Movement Inc

Funds will be used to save and improve the lives of homeless pets in the greater Houston metro area

Rescued Pets Movement (RPM), the largest 501(c)(3) nonprofit rehabilitation and transport organization for homeless animals in the United States, will receive a $95,000 grant from the national non-profit organization Petco Love. On Tuesday, July 12, 2022, the gift will be presented at a special celebration at Greater Heights Petco at 901 North Shepherd Drive in Houston, Texas.

According to a statement from the organization, this award supports the nonprofit’s rescue work in rescuing, rehabilitating and transporting homeless animals from shelters and rescues in the greater Houston metro area to forever homes in other American communities that have a demand for adoptable animals.

“Our investment in the Rescued Pets Movement is part of more than $15 million in investments recently announced by Petco Love to power local organizations across the country as part of our commitment to creating a future in which no animal is needlessly euthanized,” Susanne Kogut, president of Petco Love, said in the statement. “Our local investments are just one part of our strategy to empower animal lovers to drive life-saving change alongside us.”

Rescued Pets Movement gives thousands of homeless dogs and cats a second chance every year. By connecting the oversupply of homeless animals in the Houston area to the very high demand for adoptable homeless animals in other states, RPM can increase the number of animals rescued. In 2021, RPM rescued 7,760 homeless dogs and cats (and 1 pig) from the City of Houston Animal Shelter (BARC). Over 57% of these animals were deemed unadoptable due to medical conditions or behavioral issues, which constitute the largest percentage of euthanized animals. That same year, RPM accounted for 71% of BARC’s total rescue transfers.1

“We are thrilled to receive this substantial and life-saving investment from Petco Love!” said Cindy Perini, president of the Rescued Pets Movement. “It is truly an honor to partner with Petco Love – our grant funds will help us save the lives of over 1,000 homeless pets from 30 small shelters and rescue groups in the Greater Houston metro area.

“Past grants from Petco Love have had a profoundly positive impact on the problem of overpopulation of homeless animals in the Greater Houston Metro Area, including many of the smaller, rural shelters in our area that were once forgotten and had very few options to rescue the pets that have entered these shelters. Working together, Petco Love and RPM are part of the solution to rescue thousands of homeless pets in the Greater Houston metro area each year who would likely be euthanized,” she added.


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