Rapid City School District seeks to fill 120 vacant positions

RAPID CITY, SD (KELO) – Similar to schools in the state, the District of Rapid City faces an abundance of open positions across the system. Rapid City Schools is hiring 120 positions in the district and this does not include replacements.

The Food Service Division, which is responsible for feeding students across the district, currently has 15 open positions.

“Staffing has definitely been a challenge so far this school year, so what we’ve done is a lot to make adjustments to the way we run the program. We use the people we have the best we can and bring them to the buildings where we need to relieve the pressure a bit, ”said Leischner.

Food Nutrition Manager Krista Leischner says her team is proactive in constantly interviewing potential employees.

“Our goal right now is to serve breakfast and lunch to all students and that’s what we’re doing again with the people we have now,” said Leischner.

The lack of employees is not limited to one department. Schools in the district have vacancies.

“That’s a lot more vacancies than in my 5 years as a District Recruiter, it’s more than I’ve ever seen and at the start of the school year it’s considerably more than anything we’ve ever seen, ”Vissia said.

Christina Vissia says Rapid City schools offer good benefits and flexible hours, and the district is stepping up efforts to educate people about these benefits.

“We’re going to expand our catchment area that we normally recruit into, and then we’re just going to go out to the public to let people know about the opportunities with the district,” Vissia said.

And everyone in the district hopes that these efforts will be rewarded.

The Rapid City Schools recruiter says she expects the hiring season for the district to be a year-round process now.

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