Residents ask the municipality to repair residential roads

Residents of GLENWOOD and Umbilo are fed up with the condition of their residential roads and are calling on the Municipality of eThekwini to investigate roads that pose safety risks.

The Natal Settlers Memorial Home in Umbilo is home to Zacharias Koekemoer who often uses Hutchinson Road to visit the local store. He is using the time for exercise, fresh air and a change of scenery, however, the 76-year-old says he has to avoid a major hole in the street when stepping on Hutchinson. “I often use the path to go to the store. But I still have to be careful of the big hole in the ground, otherwise one day I might trip and fall in it,” Koekemoer said.

The hole on Hutchinson Road in Umbilo. Photo: Nia Louw

The pensioner said he was not the only one in the house walking along Hutchinson Road and fearing for the safety of other elderly residents and children. “It’s a safety hazard to everyone who walks here. In the dark, if someone can’t see, they can slip and break their arm or leg,” he said.

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Koekemoer said he has known about the hole for three years and hopes to see it fixed.

Local pensioner Zacharias Koekemoer says the hole on Hutchinson Road is a safety hazard. Photo: Nia Louw

Glenwood resident and member of the Glenwood-based Stella Running Club, Natalie La Cave says she has noticed a number of roads in the area while taking part in weekly runs with the club, which are damaged and pose a risk for the safety of residents. “There is a huge hole on the corner of Berea Road and JB Marks Road. Cars must swerve to avoid it. Also, coming along Ridge Road, just before the toll bridge, there is another big hole that cars have to swerve to avoid. There is also damage on Cato Road and Lena Arhens Road,” La Cave said.

La Cave said the holes in the roads affect runners in terms of safety. “It’s a safety hazard for runners and especially those with balance issues, like the elderly. As a runner or walker, you can really get injured, and we train mostly in the evening, so if the streetlights are out and the visibility is poor, we could run straight into a hole.

The Glenwood resident said rubble from unfinished construction projects is washed onto the roads by the heavy rains, and it is also a major obstacle for runners.

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Simphiwe Xulu, senior manager of eThekwini Municipality‘s road maintenance and stormwater department, said the municipality sent a technologist from the area to Lena Arhens, JB Marks, Ridge and Cato roads on June 27. to investigate the damage to each of the roads.

“The department has a schedule of major road inspections once a month. Faults identified are logged and scheduled for repairs,” Xulu said. Xulu advises residents and community forums to be on the lookout for any noticeable faults in municipal infrastructure and to report the issue to the road maintenance and stormwater service call center on 080 131 3013 or to send an e-mail: [email protected]

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