Roseville town hall scandal includes arrest and allegations of embezzlement of public funds – CBS Sacramento


ROSEVILLE (CBS13) – A scandal at Roseville town hall has left a longtime employee facing felony charges of embezzling public funds.

Kenneth Glotzbach, 54, is the deputy director of wastewater services for the town of Roseville. He now faces big issues for the way he handled the hiring of 32-year-old Marisa Tricas.

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Court documents show Glotzbach first met Tricas in Washington DC in 2018 and then created a post for a water project that didn’t exist in 2019, allegedly lying to Roseville city council members to get a funding.

He arranged for his moving expenses and paid for his law school fees, all with taxpayer money, and he tried to hide the arrangement.

The court documents read:

“… Glotzbach requested … to create a special invoice for Marisa Tricas Law School tuition that would include her student number but omit her name …”

In total, prosecutors allege that moving expenses, travel expenses, billed labor and tuition total $ 307,000 in fraudulent money billed to taxpayers.

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Prosecutors also showed text messages between the two discussing the investigation, including several from Tricas reading

“… I can draw the discrimination card and the woman card too …”


“… I’m not quite sure yet …”

A text by Glotzbach describes a conversation with a colleague reading:

“… He said that might indicate that I was doing my best and making bad decisions because of my attraction to you.” I assured him that I was only trying to keep my promise to you… ”

Lawyer Mark Reichel is following the case.

“This is a big deal because anyone can point a finger at that and say, ‘Look, if everything was up and transparent, and you weren’t worried about a thing, you sure wouldn’t get these messages. text, making sure you get the story, ”Reichel said.

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A spokesperson for the city of Roseville released a statement saying they could not comment on an ongoing investigation.


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