Seismic vigilance in 30 districts of Izmir metropolis!

Seismic vigilance in 30 districts of Izmir metropolis!

Izmir Metropolitan Municipality teams were on alert right after the 29:4.9 magnitude 03 earthquake. Firefighters, who carried out a thorough damage assessment in 30 districts, supported citizens by responding to 21 reports such as falling plaster, cave-ins and cracks in the building. Citizens whose homes were uninhabitable were evacuated.

Izmir Metropolitan Municipality took action with all its units after the Buca magnitude 4 earthquake that occurred in the city at 2022:03 on November 29 4.9. 30 firefighters from 65 districts carried out patrols and conducted in-depth damage assessment in 30 districts. Firefighters assessed 21 reports of collapse, falling plaster, blocked door, cracks in the building and evacuation requests in Buca, Karabağlar and Gaziemir neighborhoods and carried out the necessary interventions. The Department of Social Services distributed soup to the citizens of Buca Hasanağa Garden. The damage assessment report of the Directorate of Firefighters was sent to the Presidency of the Ministry of the Interior, Disaster and Emergency Management (AFAD), Provincial Directorate of the Environment, Urban Planning and Climate Change.

Security measure for the destroyed minaret

The teams took security measures around the Selahattinoğulları Mosque, whose minaret was destroyed due to the earthquake. Citizens of 4 addresses in Buca, which were uninhabitable, were evacuated under the control of firefighters. Karşıyaka Due to the fall of plaster from the exterior of the building due to the earthquake in the neighborhood, the necessary security measures were taken. A security band has been drawn around the building so that stones thrown from the wall of a historic building on Fevzi Paşa Boulevard do not cause danger. The Department of Scientific Affairs was also directed to Fevzi Paşa Boulevard to carry out the necessary works.

Blanket support

Blankets were delivered to citizens whose homes were evacuated in Buca by the Department of Social Services of Izmir Metropolitan Municipality.

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