Shug’s Comfort Food Continues Culinary Legacy in Old Town Bellevue | national news

Brandon Davis knew from an early age that he wanted to one day own and manage his own restaurant.

After attending cooking school, Davis eventually found himself working for Justin Epting at Quick Bites Soul Food in Olde Town Bellevue.

Epting passed away on February 13 of this year, and Quick Bites Soul Food announced on June 29 that it would be shutting down.

Davis said he worked at Quick Bites Soul Food for five years and didn’t want to see his work at the establishment go to waste.

He decided it was time to crouch down and make one of his lifelong dreams come true.

“Justin would have wanted that. He taught me a lot of things that I know now, ”Davis said.

The name Shug’s Comfort Food honors one of Davis’ relatives.

“I named it after my mother. My mother passed away 11 years ago today, ”said Davis.

October 1 would have been his mother’s 50th birthday, and Davis said he knew his mother would be proud if she could talk to him now.

His mother was the main cook in the family and was responsible for many memorable meals in Davis’s life.

Davis said he has always appreciated the atmosphere that a well-cooked meal can create for the community.

“It brings together people from all walks of life, all nationalities and all races,” Davis said.

The restaurant’s decor resembles a farmhouse, and the walls are adorned with images of prominent civil rights leaders.

The Shug’s Comfort Food menu includes dishes like fried chicken, fried gizzards, catfish fillet, and even a dessert menu to satisfy a customer’s sweet tooth.

The restaurant is located at 105 W Mission Ave. at Olde Town Bellevue. Shug’s Comfort Food is open Wednesday to Saturday from noon to 8 p.m.

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